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3 minutes with James – gomo Developer

As part of our ‘3 minute series’ of blog posts, we’re talking to key members of the gomo family so you can get to know […]

Question banks & randomization

Here at gomo we’re constantly updating and improving our award winning authoring tool. This month has seen the release of some really exciting new capabilities. In […]

Mobile friendly learning – Google scores and what they mean?

Mobile friendly – you’ve almost certainly heard this term before, but what does it really mean? We’re going to talk about the importance of ensuring […]

DevLearn 2016 – the gomo team round up

So we’re saying goodbye to DevLearn 2016 and what a show it was! As always, The eLearning Guild put on a fantastic event. The organization, […]

Automotive with Volvo webinar top Q&A fully explained (Part 2)

There were so many good questions during our automotive webinar that we couldn’t fit them all into one blog post. So, following on from our […]

Transform your learning strategy: automotive with Volvo [Recording included]

We sure love hosting webinars and yesterday was no exception! We were joined by Dolf Smuts (Volvo) to talk about learning in the automotive space […]

gomo learning in 2 minutes!

People today expect up to the minute knowledge at their fingertips. They need this information to be experts in their business. Getting all this information […]

5 reasons we’re looking forward to DevLearn

With DevLearn just around the corner, the gomo team are preparing for another trip to Las Vegas. Here are five reasons we’re looking forward to […]

9 features to look for when choosing an elearning authoring tool in the automotive sector

When it comes to Learning and Development (L&D), and choosing an elearning authoring tool, many organizations from a range of sectors require similar outcomes from […]

Exclusive webinar announcement: Volvo’s training strategy

We’re very excited to announce that we will be hosting a free webinar exploring the transformation of Volvo’s global online training strategy. Volvo has used […]

gomo partners with Jam Pan to train elearning developers

We are pleased to announce a brand-new partnership with online learning marketplace Jam Pan. The incentive will encourage a host of new developers to improve […]

Do you need hosting with your elearning authoring tool?

Hosting is one of those words, like ‘Analytics’ and ‘The Cloud’, that gets thrown around in the technology industry. But what does it actually mean, […]