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3 Surefire Ways to Lower Anxiety in Student Presenters

If your classes have a presentation component, then you know just how nerve-wracking presenting can be for your students. Even normally outgoing and relaxed people […]

Introducing GoReact Slide Sync

No matter what kind of presentation your students are delivering, slides make a big difference. They can prove a point, enhance a message, and even […]

What is World Speech Day?

Every year on March 15, people all around the world share what they have to say. This year people in over 80 countries—everyday people just […]

6 Books Every Public Speaking Guru Has Read

  There are millions of stellar books in the world. The trick is figuring out which ones are the must-reads—and finding the time to read […]

Online Video Feedback for Teaching Skills Crazy Fast

It turns out getting feedback from others—especially others with a lot of expertise—can really accelerate your progress when you’re trying to learn something new or […]

4 Secrets to Giving Feedback Online

Online courses are more popular than ever. They’re accessible, relatively inexpensive (sometimes free!), and flexible. Students of all backgrounds and experiences are dipping their toes […]

Does Publish or Perish Kill Innovation?

If you’re a professor, you’re no stranger to the term “publish or perish.” And for good reason. The publish or perish phenomenon has been around […]

This One Powerful Word Changes Behavior and Learning

Sometimes student teaching feels more like waging war against an army of overactive hellions. But if you look at the research, one deceptively simple strategy […]

Changes Ahead: Make Sure Your Interpreters Are Ready

In the coming decade, the interpreting industry will be seeing more demand, more technology, and more competition than ever before. Are your students ready to […]

5 Trending Public Speaking Resources for Students

Do your students know the real source of their public speaking nerves? How about the number one difference between snooze-worthy and breathtaking presentation slides? Or […]

The Hard Truth About Soft Skills

In the final inning of 2016, experts are eagerly predicting the future of education. What are potential jobs looking for in new graduates? What skills […]

Feedback’s Native Role in Human Learning

Try to imagine total sensory deprivation. No tactile feedback. No auditory, visual, olfactory, or gustatory feedback. No way to test an idea, confirm a hunch, […]