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We wage war on dull online learning! Learning doesn't have to be mind-numbingly boring - we make it fun with the use of gamification, social learning and informal learning. Our multi-award winning Academy Platform LMS is a gamified social learning portal that helps clients to create vibrant, engaged learning communities that transform organisational performance.

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Curiosity Drives Employee Engagement

Each week I explore a theme featured in my upcoming book, Unleashing Superheroes. This week, embrace your adventurous spirit as we explore the role of […]

The Right Balance: Positive VS. Negative Feedback at Work

Regular feedback engages employees and boosts performance. But what type of feedback matters? This week, it’s the battle of light vs darkness, as I reveal […]

Mentorship Program: Help Employees Find their Mentor

Business leaders everywhere (including me) love mentors! Join me to find out why, and discover how to create a mentorship program straight out of personal […]

Top 12 Books Every L&D Manager Needs to Read!

At GE HQ we live by many rules, ‘A cape compliments any outfit’, ‘Don’t eat kryptonite ice cream’ and ‘Those who read, succeed’! We’re going […]

Annual Performance Reviews Don’t Work

This week, I explore why annual performance reviews don’t work and what you can do about it!  Sweat trickling down your neck? Heart racing? Skin […]

The Buddy System: Why Friends at Work Matter

We all want a friendship to rival Buzz & Woody, Lilo & Stitch or Thelma & Louise (with a happier ending!). But how can we […]

How To Improve Memory Retention In Online Training

Are your employees really absorbing the information? Or is the forgetting curve putting a strain on workplace productivity and company profits? In this article, I’ll […]

How to Engage Employees

This week I’m taking on one of the biggest business dilemmas of our time…how to engage employees. Join me to discover the secret to employee […]

The 7 Biggest Retail Challenges in 2017

The challenges facing the retail industry are very real. Issues range from that customer who plays fast and loose with the ’10 items or less’ […]

What is Experiential Learning?

This week, I’m jargon busting to get to the gooey sweet stuff at the heart of successful learning! Yes, I’ve turned cake connoisseur and philosopher […]

The Learning Portal – A Simple Idea That Made the World a Better Place

A learning portal is an online gateway to a better version of yourself. Think of it as a magic window that lets you see into […]

12 Tips to Increase Happiness at Work

Happiness at work is the key to unleashing superheroes in your organisation! So join me, as we find out how to unlock that all-important wellbeing […]