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HiHaHo is a startup company which develops interactive video software. Videos are the perfect medium for education, but often turn into a passive experience. With HiHaHo, you can insert questions, images, and more to involve your viewers. It can function as a learning booster but also allows for easy integration in trainings and curricula, both online and in the classroom. In our blog we aim to help visitors to implement video in learning. We especially provide all kind of information about implementing interactive video in eLearning.

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Happy Father’s Day

For Father's Day, we're honoring our current chief, Mark Visser. "Parenting a son and parenting a company is similar in almost every aspect."

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Exploiting their fondness of videos, Mariëlle enhances her students' involvement by creating an interactive video for practising the listening skills.

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The best solution would be to make your own, but making a video is such an expensive ordeal! Right? Well, it’s not anymore!

Player Now Available in Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish!

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Technical Update July

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Bienvenue, la langue française. French added as player language.

We had already announced it a couple of weeks ago, but the moment suprême is here! We are introducing French as a player language. Bienvenue!