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A personal blog reflection on practice and issues relating to the use of technology in HE, with a UK focus from the 2013 UK Learning Technologist of the year.

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Weaving our way around the complex tapestry of strategy, practice and policy, in learning technology: ALT Scotland meeting

(image: unsplash) This week saw the annual ALT Scotland group face to face meeting. This year’s years location was the stunning new City of Glasgow […]

I say open, you say ? #EUNIS2017

Last week during my keynote at the #eunis2017 conference I tried to get a bit of audience participation and idea of what open meant to […]

Caught between The Nothing and the Something? 

I’m currently travelling home from Germany where earlier in the week I gave ia keynote at the EUNIS conference. My talk was about open education and […]

Kith and nomads: a small thought on digital citizenship #digciz

(image: Unsplash) I’ve noticed a number of tweets and blogs over the last couple of weeks using  #digciz. This week the conversation is being led […]

AI,Self driving cars, and the joy of getting lost: thoughts from #connectmore17

(image: unsplash) Martin Hamilton, Jisc’s “Futurist” gave the keynote talk at yesterday’s connectmore17 event held, very handily for me at my institution, GCU.  Martin gave […]

Being with the BOLD-ers #ETBOLD17

I was delighted to join colleagues at Glasgow University yesterday for their Transitions into blended and online learning enhancement themes/BOLD showcase. The BOLD (blended and […]

Getting #creativeHE

If you need a bit of inspiration this week then you should check out the #creativeHE google+ community. A week of activities to stimulate discussion, […]

To list or not to list? #creativeHE

(Image: Unsplash) I fear I may I may have inadvertently started #listgate during last nights’  #creativeHE and #LHTEchat  tweet chat around creativity and assessment. In […]

My connect: disconnect stuggles

(photo via Unsplash) Donna Lanclos has just written a thought provoking post based on the recent Future Happens event.  In the post she focuses on […]

What can you bring to the open table? Some initial thoughts from the #porusuni

I’ve spent the last two days in Inverness at the Porous University Symposium. This was a relatively and deliberately small event, with about 35 people […]

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter P – more leaking from the #porous uni

@sheilmcn @TweetrootApp Been thinking might be time to drop the uni and add more p’s in #porousuni permeability praxis & pedagogy perhaps @smythkrs #pppp — […]

What does open mean beyond releasing content? #porousuni

I’m really looking forward to the Porous University Symposium being held at UHI, Inverness next week.  The event is fundamentally an opportunity to create some […]