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ADOBE CAPTIVATE: Free Matching Images and Videos

by Kevin Siegel, COTP, CTT During the first day of my Adobe Captivate Beginner class, attendees learn how to import and work with both images […]

DEVELOPMENT TIP OF THE WEEK: Quickly Hide Desktop Icons

When creating software simulations or video demos using Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, or TechSmith Camtasia, you might find yourself needing to capture an event that […]

ARTICULATE STORYLINE 3 & 360: SRT Files Make Quick Work of Closed Captions

by Kevin Siegel, COTP Closed captioning allows you to display a slide’s voiceover audio as text that is synchronized with the voiceover audio. Closed Captions, […]

ONLINE TRAINER CERTIFICATION: Become a Certified Online Training Professional

Become a COTP! Online training can be great training, but it all starts with an awesome trainer!  More and more companies are embracing live, online […]


by Kevin Siegel, COTP, CTT I started teaching online a dozen years ago and I owe it all to a case of the flu. I […]

ADOBE CAPTIVATE 2017: Setting the Capture Caption Style

by Kevin Siegel, COTP If you create a software simulation using Adobe Captivate, you can elect to have Captivate automatically create text captions for you. […]

LIVE, ONLINE TRAINING: Brainstorming Techniques

by Jennie Ruby, COTP Years ago, as a new classroom instructor, I used to wonder why some of my colleagues used brainstorming techniques in the […]

ADOBE ROBOHELP 2017: Image Thumbnails

by Willam Van Weeldon While Adobe's chief concern when releasing RoboHelp 2017 was improving the Responsive HTML5 output (with search suggestions and improved accessibility), there […]

ADOBE CAPTIVATE 2017: Responsive Design Has Never Been So Fluid

by Kevin Siegel, CTT, COTP When it comes to eLearning that will look awesome on just about every kind of device (including desktop computers, smart […]

ARTICULATE STORYLINE 360 VERSUS 3: Clear up the Version Confusion

Articulate recently released Storyline 360, an update to its awesome eLearning devleopment tool. Even more recently, Articulate released Storyline 3. And then came version confusion […]

ADOBE CAPTIVATE 2017: Improved Closed Captions

by Kevin Siegel, COTP, CTT When it comes to accessibility, Adobe's products have always been some of the best available. Nevertheless, Adobe found a way […]

Adobe Captivate: Introducing 2017

by Kevin Siegel, COTP Adobe recently announced a upgrade to Adobe Captivate, its popular eLearning development tool.   According to Adobe's Allen Partridge, Captivate version […]