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How to Tell Your Company Story

I'm often asked what Entirenet does. Most of the time, I’m asked by senior leaders or business owners who have little understanding of content development […]

Jumping into the “Virtual Company” Pool

For years, many of us made the Monday through Friday pilgrimage – in the office by 8 am, and leave sometime after 5 pm. We […]

When Outsourcing Makes Sense (part 3 of 3): Creating and Delivering Content and Materials for a New Product or Service

Scenario one discussed roll out and launch, and scenario two discussed supporting our users. All done? Not quite yet. What about those who are not […]

When Outsourcing Makes Sense (part 2 of 3): Training and Support of Users for the New Product or Service

In the first scenario, we looked at the roll out/launch phase of a new product or service.Once the roll out or launch has been successful, […]

Outsourcing content creation and training – Three scenarios where it makes sense

Businesses ebb and flow. Sometimes we have one new product or service to launch, and other times we have 20. Sometimes we have 25 employees […]

Get ready for structured authoring

It’s only been five years since International Data Corporation reported that our world, to date, had created a total of 1.8 zettabytes (1.8 trillion GB) […]

My Top Ten Leadership Tips (What are yours?)

After my last post, “Deciding and Executing 101”, I was asked by several people to give specific recommendations for leaders – both experienced and new. […]

Deciding and Executing 101

One of my sons asked me the other day what I do at work. He knows what my title is, but wanted to know how […]

Five Steps for Making a Spectacular Hire

People have been lamenting lately about the lack of available talent, particularly in companies that primarily serve technology companies. I regularly hear things like “there […]

Planning for Translation

“Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome….” It’s one thing to make sure that your training is received and consumed by learners in your own language. But it’s another […]

Leadership by Walking Around... In a Virtual Company

In 1982, Tom Peters and Robert Waterman popularized the phrase “Management by Walking Around” in their book In Search of Excellence. I like their ideas […]

I’ve got a new way to work…

It’s the beginning of the year and I’m going to take a brief step away from instructional design topics and write about something that has […]