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5 Things Learning Managers Should Do to Build and Sustain Competitive Advantage

Organizational learning, and not just only the product innovation, determines the success of the organizations in the long run. In the era hyper-competitive market, innovative […]

6 Critical Factors that Affect How People Learn

A lot of research actually goes into a well-designed eLearning course. And like it or not, instructional designers have to dig deep into the psychology […]

Conquering Content Curation: Best Practices for Instructional Designers

With the impressive array of content available from online sources and beyond, it’s no longer necessary to create everything from the bottom up. It’s also […]

Corporate Training Needs Assessment: Going About It the Right Way

When it comes to corporate training, one of the biggest mistakes that companies often make is that they start putting together training plans based on […]

7 New Rules of Workplace Learning (And yes, #2 is true!)

Embracing and adapting to a changing landscape is not easy unless you know the rules to play by. Times-they-are-a-changin’. As it is with everything else […]

6 Things that Take Your eLearning Courses from Good to Great

Are your eLearning courses GREAT or just good enough? With so many poorly designed and written courses out there, it can make a mediocre design look […]

How to Stimulate Learner Emotions to Make Maximum Impact in eLearning

It is easy to figure out the connection between emotional arousal and attention if you first understand the three distinct systems involved in the act […]

How People Process Information and What That Has to Do With eLearning

eLearning is a popular way to train employees. Understanding how people process information will allow you to create effective learning programs using electronic means.

eLearning Designers: 5 Things You MUST Try This Month

The world of eLearning is always evolving. Technology advances in the blink of an eye. Standards change continuously as learner expectations rise. You are also […]

Want to Design Emotional eLearning? Understand The Role of Emotions in Learning First

Learning has deep roots in our emotions. Plato knew this 2,000 years ago, but it is only recently that neuroscientists have discovered conclusive evidence to […]

The 5 Worst Types of eLearning Courses and How to Fix Them

There are A TON of eLearning courses out there, and to say some aren’t great, is a complete understatement. With the technology to design courses […]

Teach, Learn, Share: the Role of Social Media in eLearning

In today’s fast-changing environment and fast-paced lifestyle, technology has continually enabled us to keep up. It made our daily activities faster and more efficient; trade […]