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But Doesn’t That Make it Easier to Cheat?

I want all of the students in all of the classes to have access to devices. I will always suggest Chromebooks, or iPads, or BYOD. […]

Lock Sheets Cells From Being Edited

Have you ever wanted to make your Google Sheets spreadsheet collaborative so others could edit data that is pertinent to them, but you were afraid […]

Set a Startpoint on Videos in Google Slides

One of the things that I get most excited about is when I stumble onto a feature that I didn’t know existed. That happened to […]

Create a Professional Gmail Signature

I used this tip for my demo slam at a recent EdTechTeam GSuite Summit. It doesn’t matter if you are in education or any other […]

#PubPD in Chicago Area

Join us on Thursday, January 19 at 6pm for #PubPD. These events are organized by Maple Syrup EDU as a way for educators from across the […]

New Google Sites: Hide a Page from the Navigation Menu

Things are constantly being added to the new Google Sites. While my initial impressions were very mixed, I am really starting to get on board […]

Your Header on the New Google Sites Can Be a Video!?!

Yes, you read that headline correctly. I’m sure you have seen these websites that have videos on the homepage built into a parallax frame. Take this […]

The Culture of “Yes, and…”

As teachers get better and better at the basics of using technology, I find that I am often in a position to help them come […]

So You Want To Be a Google for Education Certified Innovator?

“Better late than never.” I’ve heard the phrase a million times and today I am FINALLY writing a reflection on being a part of the […]

Tips for Streamlining Your GAFE Classroom

More and more, I realize that teachers don’t know the power that their Google Apps for Education admin has to make daily classroom life easier […]

How-to: Google Cast for Education

I’ve been using the Chromecast at my house for a few years now. I absolutely love it. It is inexpensive and makes displaying video from my […]

Copy Files to a New Google Drive Account

There are lots of times where you may need to move a bunch of old files over from one Google Drive account to a new […]