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Kineo is a leader in global learning solutions. We help clients improve performance through learning and technology with custom content and learning platforms. We provide solutions in areas including onboarding, compliance, sales and product knowledge. With over 150 learning specialists globally, and teams in New York, Boston, Chicago and LA, we’re here to make our clients heroes through effective learning solutions.

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For the love of learning, this is not how you engage a millennial

We are known as the generation glued to our phones, the ones that hold the trophy for the least engaged workforce and the ones that […]

What to consider when designing through the eyes of the learner

A digital credential: the badge everyone actually wants

Badges are all the rage. Here’s a badge, there’s a badge - from L&D to Urban Outfitters, everybody can get a badge. But what if […]

Outclassing the classroom: 5 benefits of elearning

Change your life with data: an introduction to xAPI

Back in 2014 Kineo joined the Learning Locker Open Source LRS Project – and strengthened the relationship by becoming a Learning Locker Partner in 2016.

5 ways a survival horror game can inspire interactive video design

Whether you enjoy fighting a horde of never-ending zombies in Resident Evil or putting yourself through the intense anxiety that Five Nights at Freddy’s can bring, there’s […]

Putting ourselves to the test with work experience

Work experience.

Easy reading is hard writing: the cost and value of digital learning

How do you know how to budget and plan for digital learning? For some time the industry has priced elearning by the hour – a […]

What is Totara Evergreen?

Totara Learning is now greener than ever - and no, I’m not talking about their logo. First mentioned almost a year ago, the ‘Evergreen’ version […]

Ask the audience: the power of peer reviews and curation for L&D

Who knows more about which bits of learning content have worked best – the person in charge of designing it, or the person who has […]

Our creative manifesto

Being creative and innovative is at the heart of what we do at Kineo. But what do we mean when we say 'creative'? How do […]

Credly’s digital credentialing solution comes to Europe

Businesses in the UK and Europe can now unlock employee potential with Credly thanks to an exclusive partnership with Kineo’s sister company, Digitalme.