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Webinar to Introduce the new TRAIN Learning Platform

KMI and the Public Health Foundation (PHF) are pleased to announce the launch of the rebuilt, modern version of the TRAIN Learning Platform used by over […]

What is an Extended Enterprise/Customer LMS?

  When most people think of online learning, they think of courses offered through the Internet by a local college or university. Or, they think […]

Talented Learning Picks Top Customer LMS for 2016

Talented Learning, an independent research and consulting firm for learning technology buyers and sellers, just announced the winners of their 2nd Annual LMS Vendor Awards. […]

Halfday Hazmat Training Launch Announcement

KMI Learning is pleased to announce the launch of our latest extended enterprise LMS implementation, Halfday Hazmat Training  at Our clients at Halfday Hazmat […]

KMI Learning and The Bench Team Announce Extended Enterprise Partnership to Deliver Bespoke Healthcare Learning Solutions

Strategic partnership formed to support custom curricula in fully branded learning management systems. First area of focus to improve clinical operations behavior. COLUMBUS and MIAMI […]

What Does an eLearning Program in the Warehouse and Distribution Environment Look Like?

Operations executives are finding that an eLearning program has a valuable place in training their employees on a wide variety of topics. But the term […]

Security Awareness- Can Custom Training Truly Make a Difference?

Your company has just endured yet another security breach. One of your employees left an open iPad on a table with friends at Starbucks. One […]

Customized Safety Training – The Crucial Factor of The Right Delivery

When it comes to keeping your employees safe while on the job everyone agrees it is the right, necessary and even legal thing to do. […]

Multimodal Learning Always Beats Your Traditional Product Launch

Traditionally, sales organizations launched new products at massive sales events. Expensive, onsite events. Lots of travel, time out of the field and lots of easily […]

How to Turn Your Customer Service Into A World-Class Support Experience

How is your customer service? What do people say about how they’re treated when they call about a product or service that you offer? When […]

Do You Use Temporary Workers? How E-Learning Can Reduce Your Cost

For as long as I can remember it has been common in the warehouse and distribution business to use temporary workers to fill gaps and […]

70-20-10 Training

Most training professionals know about the 70-20-10 training model and that it has been an accepted industry standard for professional trainers since it was first […]