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Knowledge Anywhere is a premier e-learning solution provider focused on delivering modern corporate training solutions for the 21st century, on-the-go learner. Knowledge Anywhere offers a Learning Management System, a Course Builder, and does custom course development. Knowledge Anywhere has been around for over 18 years in the corporate e-learning space, and has a plethora of blogs catered to Training Managers, Human Resource Professionals, and corporate leaders in the CIO and CEO role. Knowledge Anywhere publishes a weekly blog post.

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Why Long-term Franchisee Success Starts with Online Franchise Training

People own franchises because they’re a sure bet, right? Because long-term success is practically guaranteed? Not exactly. The 90-95 percent success rate you might have […]

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Is Your eLearning Training Successful?  The Top 5 Metrics Your Business Must Track

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How to Create the Most Effective Corporate Training Videos in 3 Steps

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If you’re thinking of decreasing your employee training budget, you’re definitely in the minority. In 2016, 37 percent of companies increased their training budgets, while […]

What Are the Best Employee Training Methods?

Imagine all your employees sitting in a lecture hall, pencils in hand, eagerly awaiting the knowledge that is about to rain down upon them. Of […]

Watch and Learn: How to Use Social eLearning Strategies in Your Organization

Have you ever been to a friend’s holiday celebration? The day is filled with customs and traditions that are new to you, yet you’re able […]

Can Corporate Training Solve Your Organizational Challenges?

If you’re looking for a silver bullet to solve all the problems that exist within your organization you’ve stumbled across the wrong article. I regret […]