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Adobe Captivate 9: Advantages / Disadvantages

The 9th release of Adobe Captivate saw this authoring tool utilize a new asset store where users can select over 25000 different items to build […]

Creating Custom eLearning Using Articulate Storyline 2.0

We all have at some point or time turned into DIY (Do It Yourself) experts and gotten into assembling one thing or the other. In […]

4 Key Elements to Make Micro eLearning Effective

Just as the name suggests Micro eLearning stands for bite-sized learning that can be used either as performance support tool or as independent learning module. […]

Articulate Storyline 2: Advantages / Disadvantages

First released in 2012, Articulate Storyline uses professional looking interfaces, which possess a vast variety of tools that enable first time users to make professional […]

Captivate 9.0: 5 Things Every eLearning Vendor Must Know

As it has been some time since Adobe released the next gen version of eLearning authoring tools- captivate 9.0, might sound a bit repetitive and […]

5 Must-have Features in eLearning Authoring Tools

For those of you who have followed us and read our blogs over the past year, it wouldn’t come as a surprise when we declare […]

Responsive eLearning Development Using Authoring Tools

Technology has changed the way we relate to the world and needless to say mobile has become the most inseparable part of our life. Since […]

5 Tips to Increase Learner Engagement with eLearning

So, today we would like to discuss about a very important topic that has kept each and every learning and development professional awake at some […]

Top 5 Key eLearning Trends to Watch for in 2017

Hello and Wish you all a very happy and eLearningful New Year. At Knowzies we had a great 2016 and all Knoziens ( Knowzies-ans) are […]

Converting eLearning to mLearning? Lessons Learnt through Experience

A few months back we had written about mLearning – Dos and Don’ts. Even the calendar year changed after that and during this time period […]

6 Key Benefits of Hiring an Offshore eLearning Outsourcing Partner / Vendor

The Earth as we know it is a vast expanse of landmass and water. Continents that are kilometers and kilometers apart, and yet the distance […]

5 Key Tips to Choose Right Moodle Implementation Partner

Moodle LMS is one the leading open source LMS widely used by organisations for delivering their eLearning needs. Just like any other sophisticated software it […]