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We Made It!!! Celebrating Our 100th Blog

Yes, you heard it right “WE MADE IT”. When we hit the “Publish” button today, all of us at Knowzies will be on a roll […]

Explainer Videos: Does It Really Influence Your Training?

Have you downloaded an app recently? If yes, you have already experienced the effect of introductory video that explains the step by step functioning of […]

4 Key Trends in eLearning Simulation

Is there any learning concept that just stuck to you just because of the way it was taught? I was lucky enough to be a […]

Making Training Programs Global: The Role of Translation & Localisation

“Kak ya mogu nayti eto mesto?” Well, try reading this. Make sense? Not for most of us because its Russian for ‘how can I find […]

4 Key Steps to Convert Instructor-led Training Into eLearning

It’s the era of global and technological revolutions and organizations no longer are restricted to a single site or location and have more global outreach […]

3 Best Ways to Use Interactive Videos in Improving eLearning

Interactive videos as we all know removes the passiveness from normal eLearning. It creates an interactive space where learners can either choose the direction of […]

Using Performance Support Apps for Sales Team: Key Benefits

An organization’s sales team is often the most dynamic one. From what we have observed, it is also the team that witnesses major changes in […]

5 Key Reasons to Convert ILT (Instructor Led Training) to eLearning

eLearning industry have been at a matured stage in today’s era and thanks to the consistent adaptation of eLearning by the new age learner. Gone […]

Importance of Mobile Accessibility in New Age eLearning

Brandon Hall Group’s 2016 “HCM Outlook” survey reported that mobile learning was among the top three learning priorities for companies. Markets and Markets reported that, “the […]

The Soothsayer Speaks: The Future of eLearning

 Future is such a profound word. Its intriguing and mysterious, but as far as technology goes futuristic things happen almost every day. Borrowing Ray Kurzweil […]

Corporate Training – Then and Now

At times when most of us are busy sharing tips and discovering and sharing potentially new methods on making eLearning engaging and effective, we decided […]

The New Age of eLearning With Interactive Videos

Videos as we know it have delivered a major chunk of eLearning over the years. Be it demo videos, scenario based videos or purely explanatory […]