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Amend student profile information

From the student profile page: To learn how to access the student profile page first - click here Click the edit button (this will open […]

Add student credits

From the student profile page: To learn how to access the student profile page first - click here Click the save button (this will give […]

Modify an online student profile

Go to school admin page Choose student menu item by either: Click the student's menu button on the left or Student tab - more info […]

Whiteboard API

LearnCubes's real-time interactive whiteboard can be easily integrated into existing systems using our REST API. Out HTML5 solution is fast to load, requires no downloads, […]

1:1 Class Booking Flow (Student Perspective)

Students can easily book classes based on teachers availability.

Class Admin

Click the "Class Admin" link on the top menu, here you can add, edit, delete or enter the Virtual classrooms. As the administrator of the […]

Assigning a student status

Student statuses are useful when the student is a new lead or to remind you to do a task which is related to that student, […]

Class Requests

New class request notifications are displayed on the school admin dashboard. When a student request a class the system automatically sends the administrator an email […]

Students Records

Student Records can be created for offline students (In a traditional/physcial school), online students or both. You can manage leads/prepsective students and create reminders for […]

Student Types

There are 3 different types of student profiles that you will be able to see on your student dashboard. Students who create an online profile […]

Calendar and staff schedules

You can set availability on behalf of your staff or availability for yourself using the schedunling calendar

School Admin Overview

School administration system We simplify admin, automate repetitive tasks and measure your business performance to make running your on-line business easy. Access the school admin […]