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Tips for Marketing Your Online Courses

If you plan on selling your online course then you need to think about how you are going to market it. Many people get so […]

Gaining Accreditation for Your Online Course

You offer an online course and award certificates but they don’t really carry any weight until your program is accredited. Certificates are great in online […]

Use LearnDash or a Hosted Course Creation Platform?

You have decided that you want to create and sell an online course. Now you need to choose your platform – which one is best […]

Differentiate Your Courses Using Micro-Content

Micro-content is on the rise yet many online course offerings haven’t implemented it yet. Easily differentiate your offering by getting in early on the trend. […]

Using WordPress for Your Classroom

In the United States the school year is just about to start. If you are a teacher, why not use WordPress to supplement your classroom? […]

E-Learning Industry Worth $325 Billion by 2025

The E-Learning Market is poised to grow at a CAGR of around 7.2% over the next eight years. Many people don’t know the opportunity that […]

Have You Seen What LearnDash Has Been Up To?

It has been a busy few months building out LearnDash, but the fun isn’t over yet! Over the past few months we have been releasing […]

Sell Your Online Courses with SamCart!

When conversions matter (and they almost always do), then consider selling your courses with SamCart! If you are selling your LearnDash courses then this new […]

Simplify Your Course Purchase Process

If someone wants to purchase your course then make the process as simple as possible. Adding extra steps will result in lower conversions. A large […]

Adding Human Interaction to Your Online Courses

Online courses being a “solo” effort are slowly become a thing of the past. The most effective programs strive to create a sense of community. […]

Introducing LearnDash Private Sessions!

If you ever have wanted to include private coaching or tutoring sessions for your LearnDash powered courses, then this add-on is for you! Today we […]

Selling Courses is Competitive, so be Competitive!

Many people are afraid of coming across as “too sales-y” when they are starting an online business selling courses. I am here to tell you […]