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4 Phases of Learning Program Success

Not every learning program is created equal. Simply putting together some courses and telling user to go through the content isn’t going to yield very […]

Sacrificing Learner Experience for Security

As I have conversations with people creating their first online course I often hear them talk about two distinct things: Learner experience Content security And […]

How To Create a Duolingo Clone

If you have ever studied a language online then chances are you have come across the popular Duolingo program. The teaching method relies heavily upon […]

Reminder: Dust Off Your ELearning

It is a new year and the perfect time to think ahead about exciting projects to come, and if you are involved in the elearning […]

Using Infusionsoft with LearnDash

For years Infusionsoft has been the “go-to” tool for businesses around the world, and were one of the pioneers of “business automation”. Using their software […]

2017 ELearning & Training Conferences

It is a new year and that means there are some new elearning and training conferences you should mark on your calendars! Every year there […]

The Real Risk of Selling Online Courses

Over the years I have seen some incredible successes by people selling online courses using LearnDash. I recall one individual who quit her full-time career […]

The Biggest Flaw with Articulate Rise

Last year Articulate unveiled a new offering (or several new offerings to be more accurate) under the umbrella of “Articulate360”. The entire presentation is quite […]

5 ELearning Articles You Will Enjoy

Given that I am so deeply involved with the elearning industry I often find myself reading publications of various sizes on the subject. I am […]

Cross-Selling Your LearnDash Courses

If you are selling your LearnDash courses then you will soon discover that it is easier to sell to your current customers than it is […]

Create a Niche-Focused “Udemy” Site

If you have ever looked into created (or taking) an online course then chances are you have come across Udemy at some point. Udemy is […]

Creating a LearnDash User Profile Page

Online courses are only part of your WordPress learning management system. Another key aspect is the learner profile. Specifically, a place where your students can […]