Learninglovers.wordpress.com is a responsive non profit blog that compiles the best on internet related to open and free knowledge and learning for all ages and all methodologies, from gamification to leadership, international initiatives, copyrights and indigenous knowledge. Our mission Is to create a place where everyone interested on innovation, open knowledge and free learning can find and share resources, information, experiences and needs, in order to create a living net that helps participants to keep on constant growth and collaborative improvement. Our vision We believe in a global net society without barriers, where everyone get free and open access to knowklegde, culture and learning in a cooperative way.

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How to learn any language easily | Matthew Youlden | TEDxClapham

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https://chromebooks.pixton.com/schools/login The world best way to make comics.Filed under: Graphic Design Tagged: images edition

Creative Buzz

http://www.creativebuzz.co/ When we first launched Creative Buzz we had our mission of being the number 1 Resource Directory on the internet, we also created a […]


http://www.culturestreet.org.uk/ CultureStreet is a one-stop destination to introduce young people to contemporary artists, writers, curators and performers and their amazing work through our Art, Stage, […]

Nate Soares: “Ensuring Smarter-than-Human Intelligence has a Positive Outcome” | Talks at Google

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El reto de aprender: Pablo Pineda at TEDxRetiro

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Miguel Ángel Escotet

Blogs http://miguelescotet.com/category/english-blog/ Education, Educational Philosophy, Higher Education, Learning, Psychology and Social Philosophy.Filed under: · Blogs Tagged: higher education


https://www.ecured.cu/EcuRed:Enciclopedia_cubana EcuRed. Enciclopedia colaborativa en la red cubana, en idioma español, que nace de la voluntad de crear y difundir el conocimiento, con todos y […]

Storyboard That

http://www.storyboardthat.com/ Digital Storytelling: Powerful Visual Communication, Made Easy. Free version available.Filed under: · Edition, · Text edition Tagged: storytelling


https://www.citelighter.com/ The complete digital writing solution for any classroom. Free version available.  Filed under: · Text edition Tagged: education

Habilitas Educación

Blog https://www.habilitas-educacion.es/blog/ Blog educativo sobre nuevas tecnologías y metodologías aplicadas a la educación.Filed under: · Blogs Tagged: ed-tech, education, robotics


Blog http://www.psicoadapta.es/blog/blog/ Orientación cognitivo conductual para adultos, infantil y adolescentes.Filed under: · Blogs Tagged: special learning needs