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Five Disruptions in Learning and Performance That You Must Adopt Now by Vicki Kunkel

About six percent of Fortune 500 companies have reimagined and redefined work and, in the process, have enjoyed increased profits and higher employee morale. How […]

Five Best Practices When Converting Classroom Content for the Virtual Classroom by Adam Stone

Taking traditional training materials online is akin to substituting baking soda for baking powder. It can be done, but it’s not a straight one-to-one translation. […]

Pearson Shares Its Learning Design Principles by Pamela S. Hogle

In a push for transparency, Pearson has published a set of 45 learning design principles under an open license; a company blog says that the […]

Learning Leaders: Julie Dirksen on the Importance of Feedback in Changing Behavior by Pamela S. Hogle

A key reason that employees’ behavior doesn’t change, even after comprehensive training, is a lack of feedback, according to Guild Master Julie Dirksen.

Developing an On-Demand eLearning Solution: Upskilling the UK School Workforce by Mark Griffiths

Many organizations are challenged to bring individuals up to speed quickly in order to fill critical roles. Education is no different. In the UK in […]

The Keys to Engaging Virtual Classroom Training? Planning, Design—and Channeling Oprah by Pamela S. Hogle

Being a great presenter is only the beginning of what an instructor needs to engage learners online. The ability to build rapport with an audience […]

Marc My Words: Using Training to Support Performance Support by Marc Rosenberg

We have often heard it said that performance support can be used instead of training. But that doesn’t mean the two are at odds with […]

Jhana Offers Targeted Coaching for First-Level Managers—via eLearning by Pamela S. Hogle

Much content and coaching for managers tilts toward executives and corporate leaders. Jhana focuses on a different market: first-level managers. The company targets coaching and […]

Designing Game-Based Learning to Enhance Employee Work Life by Leonor Urena

Development teams often struggle to meet the demands placed upon them. They may become demotivated and unproductive. What they need is time to work on […]

Turning MOOC Cons into Pros: Using MOOCs for Recruitment in Higher Education by Kevin Engler

MOOCs have developed rather negative connotations as a learning delivery platform: high attrition rate, middling rigor, heterogeneous student cohorts with widely varying skill levels and […]

Digital Readiness Gap Could Be More Significant than Digital Divide by Pamela S. Hogle

A study of digital readiness suggests that familiarity with concepts and innovations in eLearning might be more important than access to tools and technology in […]

Nuts and Bolts: The Best Lessons Learned in Instructional Design by Jane Bozarth

Over the last 15 years, eLearning has evolved, from Authorware to PowerPoint to the proprietary tools and interactive, experiential, and social formats that we have […]