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Getting Started with xAPI: Four Lines of Code by Anthony Altieri

You can use xAPI to track a lot of different things. And at first, it might sound overly difficult, to the point of almost being […]

Development Tips: Design for Touch (A Touching Tutorial for Mobile Device Interactions) by Mark Lassoff

People interact with mobile devices in a completely different manner than traditional point-and-click learning interactions. People want to interact with learning content in the same […]

LRS Conformance: A Call to Action for Industry and Academia by Nick Washburn

Today, most business enterprise functions quantify their very existence with data. Compared to them, the training function is in the Stone Age. On April 12, […]

DemoFest Winner Deploys “Project Popsicle” to Boost Vitamin Angels by Pamela S. Hogle

When BYOD means bring your OLD device, TorranceLearning turns to USB sticks to deliver xAPI-powered, multilingual eLearning to remote parts of Africa and Asia.

Infographic: Seven Tips for a Successful Consulting Project by Michele Medved

Thinking about setting out on your own? Already moved into consulting and want to improve your process? This chart will help you along your way!

In Real Life: Modern Learning Is Spelled V-A-L-U-E by JD Dillon

Value is the ultimate qualifier in terms of learning strategy effectiveness. Therefore, when modernizing our learning practices, we must ask whether our efforts provide value […]

Lean Software Development Emphasizes Efficient Workflow for eLearning Projects by Pamela S. Hogle

Lean software development, based on the Lean Production System, emphasizes building quality into a product from day one and creating an efficient workflow. It’s a […]

Learners Can Take Well-Designed Microlearning Anywhere! by Pamela S. Hogle

Microlearning works best if it is narrowly focused, clear, and, above all, concise. That means careful attention to design is required.

Microlearning in China by Zhaoliang Qiu and Wei He

Relying on pervasive smartphones, microlearning is playing an increasingly vital role in the corporate learning ecosystem. Corporate microlearning has made a great leap forward in […]

Instructional Design and Visual Design: The Pillars of Great eLearning by Pamela S. Hogle

Poor design can sink an eLearning program—and the flaws might be in the instructional design or the visual design. Both are essential; creating successful eLearning […]

Marc My Words: Rooting Out Waste in Training Programs—Project Level Factors by Marc Rosenberg

Learning not taking hold in your organization? It may be because you have lots of training activities, but also have lots of training waste. Waste […]

Buzzword Decoder: Wireframing by Pamela S. Hogle

Wireframing offers an alternative to bullet points and notes as a way to visualize an app, its content, and the navigational and functional elements of […]