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Microlearning in China by Zhaoliang Qiu and Wei He

Relying on pervasive smartphones, microlearning is playing an increasingly vital role in the corporate learning ecosystem. Corporate microlearning has made a great leap forward in […]

Instructional Design and Visual Design: The Pillars of Great eLearning by Pamela S. Hogle

Poor design can sink an eLearning program—and the flaws might be in the instructional design or the visual design. Both are essential; creating successful eLearning […]

Marc My Words: Rooting Out Waste in Training Programs—Project Level Factors by Marc Rosenberg

Learning not taking hold in your organization? It may be because you have lots of training activities, but also have lots of training waste. Waste […]

Buzzword Decoder: Wireframing by Pamela S. Hogle

Wireframing offers an alternative to bullet points and notes as a way to visualize an app, its content, and the navigational and functional elements of […]

UpsideLMS: New Release Features Compliance Training and CPD by News Editor

UpsideLMS’s latest release, version 7.5, offers a win-win situation for learners and administrators with its compliance training and continuing professional development (CPD) modules.

Ten Best Practices for LMS Upgrade or Migration by Amit Gautam

LMSs today have to keep up with the technological revolution. This often means frequent upgrades or even switching to a new system entirely. If buyers […]

Case Study: Safety GPS Replaces eLearning with Performance Support by Pamela S. Hogle

A performance support tool might be a better way to meet performance goals than training. Saint Vincent Health System’s Safety GPS is an example.

Metafocus: You Say You Want a(n Educational) Revolution by Matt Sparks

Everybody says it: Virtual reality will revolutionize education. In this column, you’ll find an example lesson plan to demonstrate to teachers and instructional designers just […]

IQxCloud Use Case: Manufacturing Knowledge Learning Ecosystem by Dennis L. Thomas and Martha Nawrocki

Since December 2016, Dennis Thomas has provided five articles describing knowledge management technologies. In order to provide an example of the use of these ideas, […]

Nuts and Bolts: Designing for Learner Success—First, Do No Harm by Jane Bozarth

eLearning designers and developers spend a lot of time on assessments, particularly things like quizzes, knowledge checks, and tests. It’s easy to fall into blame-the-learner […]

Design for Access to Enhance Accessibility—and Engagement by Pamela S. Hogle

Using UDL (Universal Design for Learning) can save time and improve engagement by providing learners with choices and control over how, when, and where they […]

MVP Is the Key to Agile Project Management by Pamela S. Hogle

Agile project management enables teams to create intelligent iterations and manage change. It all hinges on the MVP.