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Are You a Boss or a Leader?

In one of my first jobs my boss said to me one day, “You know deep down everyone’s motives are only for themselves, they only […]

What the Highest Rated CEO This Year Teaches Us About Leadership

Everybody loves a top 100 list. It could be the best dog breeds, best cities to live in, or in this case, the highest rated CEOs. […]

All Extremely Successful Professionals Know This Secret

The best professionals know their success has a lot to do with who they surround themselves with. Jim Rohn probably said it best: “You are the average of […]

Want to be a Great Leader? Learn from World Champion Coaches

Everyone loves to study and emulate successful leaders who have demonstrated the ability to win in their respective field. We particularly love picking up knowledge from leaders in […]

The Simple Predictors of Future Career Success

I knew the first time I heard the Tim Ferriss Podcast, the world of professional development had changed forever. I was blown away by the idea that content creators […]

14 Influencers Who Will Help You Be a Better Leader

People are spending an enormous amount of time each day checking social media. A recent study showed teens are spending as much as nine hours a day, […]

7 Lessons Your Teams Wants You to Learn About Leadership

Everybody loves to focus on the things you must do to be a great leader. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this approach, it’s often our […]

The Best Gift a Dad Can Give His Children

The moment you see your newborn child, it’s a life altering experience.  It doesn’t matter if it’s baby #1, #2, #4 or #10. What comes […]

7 Signs You Have a Great Leader

After surveying thousands of organizational leaders, interviewing hundreds of leaders on the “Follow My Lead” Podcast and being a true student of leadership for many years, it’s […]

4 Dilemmas Every Modern Leader Must Get Right

It didn’t take long for a new employee to ask the question, “Why do we even have Quarterly Business Reviews? No one likes them and […]

The Current State of Leadership and Management

Direct managers have a large impact on employee engagement, even more so than top executive leaders. The importance of recruiting, training and retaining strong managers […]

What Richard Branson Values Most in Virgin Airline Leaders

As I sat across the table watching the man talk, I could physically see his mouth moving, but my mind wouldn’t allow me to listen […]