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The Simple Leadership Lesson Bad Leaders Forget

Barry Bonds played 22 seasons in Major League Baseball, was a 14 time all-star, holds the all-time home run mark for a career (762), holds […]

How to Escalate Quickly In Your Career and Be a Leader

I knew immediately something was wrong. Her shoulders slumped a little, she was walking slower than normal and as I looked into her eyes you […]

Why Perseverance Might Actually Be Hurting Your Career

This post originally appeared on the Leadership Forces Blog Perseverance is a good thing. It is a value that drives us towards success and achievement […]

3 Character Traits You Must Have to Make an Impact on Your Organization

Abraham Lincoln is widely considered to be one of the greatest presidents of the United States. Consider his accomplishments, including keeping the Union together during the […]

6 Habits Holding You Back From Being an Exceptional Leader

I brush my teeth everyday but I floss just a couple times a week. What’s the difference? Brushing my teeth is a habit, flossing isn’t.  It doesn’t […]

What Effective Leaders Do Differently

“Do I show my team how much I care right now?” “Do I show authority and enforce rules?” Every leader has battled these thoughts. It’s […]

5 Songs That Dramatically Improve Your Work (and Writing)

As I walked down the hall, cruising through pods, the only acknowledgment of my existence were simple hand gestures. A few people people gave me a […]

How Leaders Effectively Listen To Their Team

Listening. In my humble opinion is one of the most undervalued aspects of leadership, yet most important. There’s nothing more frustrating and downright rude than […]

Why the Best Leaders Never Lower the Bar

The pressure was on. The ‘critical tasks’ list had piled up for the whole team and the deadline was quickly approaching. It seemed every single day […]

How Leaders Successfully Onboard a New Hire

Companies and leaders who fail to have a effective on-boarding process are more likely to have employees with lower productivity and higher turn over. During […]

8 Things You Must Know Before Leading a Team

When I think back to my first few months leading a group of people, it makes me cringe. I was learning as I went and my […]

How Leaders Maintain Accountability

Holding your team accountable to the standards and expectations you’ve agreed upon can be challenging to say the least. There’s a fine line between coming […]