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It’s been a year since I last posted, and honestly feel like I’m talking to an empty room that once held a handful of people. In the […]

My respect for worksheets

Are you someone that uses worksheets in your teaching? I am, despite the fact that I’ve read different blog posts and articles from educators that […]

Split personalities: multiple profiles in Google Chrome

Whether or not you’re a techie, there’s a good chance that you have more than one email account: one for work and one for personal correspondence. […]

Readability: cleaning the clutter on your page

I’m an avid reader of online articles and news, mainly about education, politics, and Game of Thrones (Winter is coming!). I have my feed readers, […]

Where, oh where, have my assignments gone?

It’s that time of the year when my students reflect on what they’ve learned and present it at our annual Portfolio Night. During this digital […]

Checking for understanding by creating products

It’s that time of the year….TESTING! At my site, the English and Math teachers test students while the other classes teach on a block schedule. […]

Accessing FREE eBooks with the Open eBooks app

Back in February, the amazing Open eBooks program began offering thousands of free eBooks to low-income students in America. The New York Public Library developed an […]

Taking a shortcut: useful keyboard shortcuts to make life easier

I have mixed feelings about shortcuts. As a driver, a shortcut to a destination can either be a timesaver or a frustrating “tour of the city.” […]

Creating a table of contents in Google Docs

Yesterday I ruminated on the subject of this week’s blog post. I finally decided that it’s time to go over how to create a table of contents in […]

Some Google Sheets fun

For the past several weeks I’ve been writing about Google Docs and a little bit about Google Forms. For those of you who are familiar […]

Converting files into Google Docs

At the time of this post, my students are distracted by a wasp in my classroom. They’re supposed to be reading, and rather than heed […]

Creating collaboratively with Google Apps

During this past 4-day weekend, I spent some of my time working on various tasks. One of them was creating a trip packing list, and another […]