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We care about supporting learning and especially competency in all types of organizations. We leverage our academic research and experience everyday when we implement performance support programs for our clients. We are excited to share our knowledge as it relates to the processes, the learning resources and technologies that support learning in a competency-based arena. Our blog talks about instructional design, eLearning, lms implementation, customer training and gamification.

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5 Tips to Successfully Convert Instructor-Led Training to eLearning

This article will explore some important steps to follow to successfully make the leap when converting instructor-led training to eLearning.

5 Mistakes to Avoid when Comparing LMS Platforms

With literally hundreds of eLearning platforms to choose from, how do you choose the right one, and ensure you don’t come to regret your decision?

[eBook] How to Measure Training Effectiveness – Introduction

This article gives an overview of our new eBook - Measuring Training Effectiveness - to help you evaluating your training program, its effectiveness and ROI

Introducing Open Badges, Bambora Payment Option and, Learning Path Images

We have just released Open Badges, the Bambora Payment option, and Learning Path Images.

How to Deliver eLearning Content in your LMS

This article identifies ways to effectively deliver eLearning via your LMS. It will discuss the continued value of eLearning, define the two components needed for […]

How to Convert eLearning Content to Microlearning

Like most industries, eLearning has its own buzzwords. One that you’ve probably been hearing a lot is “microlearning”. But, what do you know about it?

Five Secrets of Effective Reporting

This article describes why LMS reporting is so important. It also identifies five types of reports you can run to ensure your training program is […]

5 Ways to Gamify eLearning Experiences

We will share five ways you can gamify eLearning experiences with points, leaderboards, open badges, avatars and animations, and get the most out of training.

LMS: 6 Benefits of Incorporating Open Badges

In this blog post I’ll be talking about what Open Badges are, reveal 6 benefits of incorporating Open Badges into your LMS and explain how […]

6 Social Learning Tips for Corporate Training

This article will introduce you to the concept of social learning, and identify strategies that ensure meaningful learning occurs when incorporating these ideas into corporate […]

How to Write Effective Learning Objectives

Good learning objectives are essential to the success of your learning programs; but what makes them good or bad?

Using eCommerce to Sell Your eLearning Products

We’ll look at how eCommerce works, help you choose the right eCommerce platform, and provide you tips for selling eLearning online.