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We care about supporting learning and especially competency in all types of organizations. We leverage our academic research and experience everyday when we implement performance support programs for our clients. We are excited to share our knowledge as it relates to the processes, the learning resources and technologies that support learning in a competency-based arena. Our blog talks about instructional design, eLearning, lms implementation, customer training and gamification.

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2016 Industry Training Report – Implications for the eLearning Industry

Take a look at the facts and implications on corporate training in the US from Training magazine's 2016 Training Industry Report.

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In this article, we define knowledge transfer and present 5 LMS features to ensure that the investment you make in training is reflected in your […]

SkillBuilder® LMS Features Update: March 2017

A recent update to SkillBuilder® LMS includes additions and improvements to our LMS features list which will help to better serve both administrators and learners.

[eBook] LMS Buying Guide – How to Choose the Right LMS for Your Organization

When it comes to shopping for and eventually buying an LMS, things can get confusing. The LMS Buying Guide eBook will help you reach the […]

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8 Benefits of Using a Cloud-Based LMS

What is a cloud-based LMS? How could you benefit from using this technology?

Building a Successful LMS Business Case

How to structure and build a successful LMS business case?

LMS vs LCMS: What is the Difference?

Read on to learn more about these often complementary technologies, which, though serving similar purposes, feature some key differences.

LMS RFP: 10 Tips for Rocking Your Selection Process

Discover 10 elements to include in your LMS RFP that will let you rock your LMS selection process.

ELearning and Development Trends for 2017

Here is a list of the top 6 e-Learning and development trends for 2017.

Top 6 Features of Successful Game-Based Learning

Read on to find out how to develop games that keep your learners rolling the dice, not rolling their eyes.

Blended learning: How Does SkillBuilder LMS Simplify your Learning Delivery?

Read on to learn more about blended learning, and how SkillBuilder can help you introduce this valuable learning method to your organization.