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Elearning scenario examples: Connect With Haji Kamal

Haji Kamal is probably one of the most famous elearning scenario examples in the public domain. When designers talk about scenarios this seems to be […]

Elearning scenario examples: The Broken Co-Worker

The Broken CoWorker is rightly celebrated among instructional designers for its innovative blend of comic strip, video and scenario methodology, delivering a lesson with flair […]

Want to practise Action Mapping?

Howie Pearson (LearningRapid) and I  have designed a day to give you a chance to practice Action Mapping. Is it for you? You design training courses […]

How to make your elearning scenarios more believable with Angels and Devils

That’s my unbiased recommendation. (Mwa ha ha ha ha ha haaa!) You’ve created an elearning scenario. You have a good choice and two not-so-good choices. […]

Elearning in Scotland

Looking for elearning companies in Scotland but not finding what you need? … and where do you source your compliance modules, Elspeth? Perhaps you could […]

Branching scenario design out loud #8: into Storyline

This is the final part of Branching Scenario Design Out Loud. Having run through the prototype in Quandary as much as we could (I didn’t […]

Branching scenario design out loud #7: prototyping in Twine (part 3)

In the last post I showed myself creating a prototype of a scenario in Twine. Part of the Twine overview for this scenario   Shot […]

When to branch and when to use a mini-scenario

The two most-used structures for elearning scenarios are the mini-scenario, where each ‘wrong’ choice shows the consequences of the choice, then returns you to the […]

Branching scenario design out loud #6: prototyping in Twine (part 2)

In the first pass through creating a prototype in Twine we created screens for all the ‘good’ decisions, showing the best path through the scenario. […]

Branching scenario design out loud #5: prototyping in Twine

Having gone through the stages of specifying the characters and the decisions we want them to make, we reach the stage of creating a first […]

Escaping ADDIE? Is it possible? Do we even want to?

Is Agile the way to develop elearning now? Is ADDIE something we even want to escape from? Image from Megan Torrance’s book – A Quick […]

Christy Tucker on scenarios

Christy Tucker writes about scenarios in elearning Christy Tucker, an American instructional designer, gives a good outline here of the whys and hows of scenarios […]