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Branching scenario design out loud #8: into Storyline

This is the final part of Branching Scenario Design Out Loud. Having run through the prototype in Quandary as much as we could (I didn’t […]

Branching scenario design out loud #7: prototyping in Twine (part 3)

In the last post I showed myself creating a prototype of a scenario in Twine. Part of the Twine overview for this scenario   Shot […]

When to branch and when to use a mini-scenario

The two most-used structures for elearning scenarios are the mini-scenario, where each ‘wrong’ choice shows the consequences of the choice, then returns you to the […]

Branching scenario design out loud #6: prototyping in Twine (part 2)

In the first pass through creating a prototype in Twine we created screens for all the ‘good’ decisions, showing the best path through the scenario. […]

Branching scenario design out loud #5: prototyping in Twine

Having gone through the stages of specifying the characters and the decisions we want them to make, we reach the stage of creating a first […]

Escaping ADDIE? Is it possible? Do we even want to?

Is Agile the way to develop elearning now? Is ADDIE something we even want to escape from? Image from Megan Torrance’s book – A Quick […]

Christy Tucker on scenarios

Christy Tucker writes about scenarios in elearning Christy Tucker, an American instructional designer, gives a good outline here of the whys and hows of scenarios […]

Clark Quinn working out loud

I read the blogs of quite a few instructional design gurus. Actually I tend to binge-read them, then go off the whole idea for a while […]

Action map to elearning scenario prototype

This is a simple post in the spirit of ‘working out loud’. I’ll describe how a client meeting went in a day from initial analysis, […]

The Action Mapping Meeting (Miranda Verswijvelen)

The setting of your meeting can be crucial. I’ve just come across that rare item, an article about Action Mapping.  Miranda Verswijvelen, an instructional designer […]

Thanks and more on scenarios coming in 2017

I’m working on some new content for 2017, which will be either a series of blog posts or an e-book, or maybe both. It’s a […]

Branching scenario design out-loud #1: analysing the needs

This is the first of a series of posts where I walk through the creation of a complex  branching scenario example, from starting idea to finished […]