Whereas most companies fervently guard their data, we believe in sharing. Sharing selection experiences and outcomes is integral to speeding up the process, lowering the cost and fixing a broken process. Why? Because when Institutions share data, collaboration on a global scale becomes possible. The process becomes more open, and this, in turn, improves outcomes for students, professors, employees and software makers. LISTedTECH is a for-profit company (with a not-just-for-profit attitude). Everything we develop must bring us closer to easing the selection process and improve the data surrounding it. Our end goal is to improve the HigherEd selection process and reduce its costs.

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What Learning Management Systems (LMS) and Student Information Systems (SIS) Are Used in Conjunction?

We use this chord diagram in our LMS subscription, offered with MindWires, to show the movement in the LMS market – from the old system […]

European LMS Market

The Spring 2016 LMS Market Report from our partners at e-Literate focused mostly on the United States and Canada. We, at LISTedTECH, now have data from more […]

Update: LMS Usage In Large Online Programs (Top 50 in US)

By: Phil Hill and Justin Menard. Cross-posted at e-Literate Three and a half years ago Phil wrote a post “Snapshot of LMS Market for Large […]

Blackboard Down!

With the help of a social media monitoring service from Cyclope Labs, we have been tapping into the massive amount of data from Twitter. The […]

Is the LMS a Billion dollar Market?

After reading an article entitled “Billion-dollar e-learning market about to undergo major shift“, I started wondering if that number, the “billion dollar”, was actually a... [[ This […]

Learning Management Systems in Canada

Canada has a long history with learning management systems. As you might already know, WebCT was originally developed at the University of British Columbia by a faculty member […]

LMS Pilots as Lead Indicators of Market Movements

As promised in our last post, we will look at the HigherEd institutions that are currently running a Canvas pilot. Pilots are an experimental feature of […]

LMS Overview of Market Share

In our last post, we used the LMS implementation dates to show how the market is evolving based on which systems are being selected for new implementations. In […]

LMS Providers’ Market Share by Implementation Year

In this post, we will look at how LMS providers are sharing the North American market based on new LMS implementations. As you know, the […]

Top HigherEd LMS vendors and the company’s client base

We’ve previously looked at how the LMS market evolved over time (here and here), providing insights into which vendor will dominate in the near future. But what […]

Free LMS or Open Source LMS used in Higher Ed

Oftentimes, the choice for a new Learning Management System (LMS) is dictated by cost considerations. That requirement will divide the choices at your HigherEd institution’s disposal. We’re proposing... […]

Twitter Removes 140-Character Limit From Direct Messages So That People You Follow Can Send You Long Rambling Missives About Their Day And Stuff And Things. You Know, Like Horror Stories About Their In-Laws Or Boss. But Hey, How Are You?

 They warned us back in June that this day was coming. I was in denial. Surely, Twitter wouldn’t. Couldn’t. Welp, they have. Get ready for […]