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The positive impact of LMS software on businesses

Fast. This is the single word that sums up our current world. Everything is fast. Running is the new walking. If you dare to pause […]

How LMSs help companies ride the wave of knowledge transfer

With incredible amounts of data surrounding the workplace and different generations of employees — more or less experienced and tech-savvy — working together, companies need […]

The role of AR technology in making learners imagine

Children have this incredible capability to transform their reality in a matter of seconds into something magical: a place where everything can happen and the […]

Engaging the modern learner

When was the last time you looked up a hiring ad? They have come a long way from “Help wanted!”. Nowadays companies that post ads […]

Is the 70:20:10 learning model right for your organization?

Learning never stops. You can never know too much of something. You start with the theory, then get directions from an instructor, and the rest […]

Why m-learning needs to be in a company L&D strategy

Everyone around us has been bitten by the mobile bug. The world has more mobile devices than it has people. From corporate CEOs, managers and […]

Reusable Learning Object Methodology – A way to design blended learning

It was in 2004 when I was introduced to the Reusable Learning Object methodology. Our training manager was awesome — he was business savvy, empowered […]

OEB 2016: owning learning

We are now living in the era of acceleration. We are on the fast track to the future, as technology advances faster than the average […]

7 e-learning trends for 2017

December is a hard month. There are only four weeks until the end of the year, and millions of things to be done by then. […]

The power of gamified content in training courses

As a kid I never wanted to grow up. I had such a great time, everything was a like a game, and I didn’t want […]

5 graphic design rules to keep in mind when creating online courses

When it comes to training and learning we are as different as it gets. Each instructor has its own style of teaching and interacting and […]

How business training can use context-sensitive learning to boost results

Microsoft’s Clippy – oh how I miss him… This little bit of animation that always used to offer me help that never quite hit the […]