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The solution for happier, more loyal employees? Self-directed learning

These days, self-directed learning (SDL) is a must in the workplace. With millennials making up most of the workforce, controlling each and every person’s learning […]

Subscription learning: Because repetition is the mother of learning

We humans have always had a tendency to find our models in the animal kingdom. We can be free as birds, stubborn as donkeys, happy […]

5 Types of immersive technology for training

Training working adults is a tough job. Well, perhaps not in the pushing physical limits kind of tough, but more in that of getting into […]

Why every company should consider training the extended enterprise

You know how the saying goes: It takes a village to raise a child. I don’t know who was the first to figure this out, […]

Maximizing your training budget: instructor-led training, e-learning, or both?

Typically people who know they need some sort of company training will tell you what they want: We need an instructor-led training course developed to […]

E-Learning outside the box: tips for instructional designers

Whenever putting out a hiring ad, companies ask for innovative people who can think outside of the box. Creativity seems to have become the number […]

Micro learning – the big wave of mobile education

I remember my first mobile phone: brick-sized, big antenna and weighing around 400 grams. Then I got my first clasp phone and it seemed tiny […]

Learning in the new workplace — meeting the needs of the modern employee

The learning organization — the scholar approach The concept of learning organization is not new. It dates back to 1990 — the year when, in […]

Recruitment crisis or retainment crisis? Which is companies’ biggest pain?

Raise your hand if you have heard this speech at least once in the past few months: “We want to hire great people at our […]

Wearable technology — put to good use for training employees

There was a time when a phone was the size of a brick (and just as heavy) and all you could do with it was […]

What are your options when creating multilingual training courses?

What are your options when creating multilingual training courses? People are actually planning to go on Mars. If the minimum distance between Earth and Mars […]

Machine learning – the secret ingredient to personalized training

Artificial Intelligence is the talk of the day when it comes to new methods of training and workplace learning. AI is a very wide subject, […]