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The E-learning Curve Blog focuses on enhancing skills, knowledge, and expertise through the use of digital media and learning technology, and my views on workplace learning and organizational development. I also look at learning theory, and elearning practice.

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Winter Solstice at Newgrange, Ireland

Today at dawn the chamber of the Stone Age monument at Newgrange, Ireland is illuminated by the rising sun entering the passage to light up […]

Government to tax learners with “failure fee”

Irish government to tax learners with "failure fee." Government to tax learners with “failure fee” is a post from: E-Learning Curve Blog

Five years of pain for Irish students…

  Find out more tomorrow… Five years of pain for Irish students… is a post from: E-Learning Curve Blog Five years of pain for Irish […]

Classroom-Based Training: a New Approach for the 21st Century

The Irish Government is to introduce a scheme that will convert regular school classrooms into operant conditioning chambers. Classroom-Based Training: a New Approach for the […]

East, to the Land of the Rising Sun

Konnichiwa, E-Learning Curvers, Tomorrow, I’m travelling to Japan. I’m going to the Tokyo Institute of Technology to deliver a certified training course on IT capability […]

A recurring theme: Recession in E-learning

It seems that I touched on something last week when I posted on the current 'Forever' recession. Here are links to some of the more […]

A Quantum of Learning Design – ISD on the precipice of a crossroads

Here’s a question that’s exercising me right now: “For a given project, how do you determine if, when and how much an instructional designer and […]

E-Learning and economic downturns…

A temporary detour from my narrative about Kirkpatrick and non-formal learning; I’ll return to that topic anon. Now read on… I’m getting some interesting feedback […]

More on evaluating NFL using Kirkpatrick’s Four-level model

I’m going to begin this post by mentioning Donald Clark’s view on Donald Kirkpatrick’s model – the post has the tongue-in-cheek title Donald Talks Bollocks, […]

Evaluating non-formal learning in the context of the Four-Level Model

Donald L Kirkpatrick first published his ideas on evaluating learning in 1959 in a series of articles in the US Training and Development Journal. The […]

Measuring the learning effect of non-formal learning programs

I have suggested in a previous blog entry that non-formal learning (NFL) is located on a continuum between so-called informal and formal learning (see Figure […]

Thoughts on Evaluating Non-Formal Learning

In previous posts, I’ve suggested that knowledge workers under time-pressure and with high demands on their skills are motivated to continually educate themselves on new […]