Michael Gallagher: mLearning and eLearning in the Humanities

This site discusses trends in elearning and mobile learning, along with posts explicitly discussing the effects of those trends on the learning practices of students and instructional practices of teachers. Much of it revolves around my research on the growing trends towards motion and mobility as made evident in the learning practices of students. The site focuses quite a bit on the UK/EU and Asian perspectives, as that is where much of my research is focused. I also post on practical ways in which teachers can make use of the technology and applications available to them. There is considerable discussion on open learning, OERs, MOOCs, etc and the new literacies and pedagogies that can be used to maximize the impact of these new educational developments.

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Posts by Michael Gallagher: mLearning and eLearning in the Humanities

NGOs in Kathmandu and Mountain Cell Towers in Ramechhap: ICT4D Projects in Nepal

Reposting this here from Panoply Digital. I recently returned from Nepal where I was working on a few projects: the first a two day training […]

To monitor, evaluate, and communicate in Kathmandu: training on ICT for Women’s Business Associations in Nepal

Reblogging this here from Panoply Digital. Panoply Digital is busy with developing a training curriculum for upcoming workshops for our partner the Center for International […]

Evaluation, Disunity, Industry: 2016 Lesson and 2017 Credo

Evaluation and Recovery “The issue is dispersion. The task is to survive in the diaspora.” -Haraway I, like many other people, have been in some […]

Goodbye Seoul

This is a personal post as the title might suggest. My wife and I are closing up shop here in Seoul for the umpteenth time. […]

Measuring the Information Society Report 2016: Mobile, internet use, and regional differences

I am reblogging this here from Panoply Digital. 2016 was, needless to say for all in the development field, a challenging year. As such, we welcome […]

Bridge International vs. Kenyan Teachers; Ericsson Mobility Report, and Opera State of the Mobile Web in Africa

Reposting this here from Panoply Digital.  As we approach the end of the year, we at Panoply Digital are working our projects and spending some […]

pi-top, Ekobits, and Digital Citizens Fund: Running the Gamut in Coding & ICT Education

Reposting this here from Panoply Digital. Picking up where I left off in a previous blog post on learn to code initiatives, today we have […]

Towards an Auditory Pedagogy

My frequent partner in crime Pekka Ihanainen and I wrote a short piece on the need for an auditory pedagogy, one that extends beyond the […]

Tracking, Monitoring, Surveilling: Context Matters with ICT for Children in Asia

Reposting this here from Panoply Digital. Reading a recent UNICEF post from Suman Khadka titled Star Wars: Force For Change supports digital monitoring systems in […]

Annotation, mLearning, and Geocaching #5: Geocaching and Enacting the Use Case

Annotation, mLearning, and Geocaching Part #1: Scenarios and Technical Requirements Annotation, mLearning, and Geocaching Part #2: The Use Case Annotation, mLearning, and Geocaching Part #3: […]

New Chapter: The Sound Spaces of Online Learners from Place-Based Spaces for Networked Learning

Sian Bayne, James Lamb, and I have a chapter in the new book Place-based Spaces for Networked Learning edited by Lucila Carvalho, Peter Goodyear and Maarten de […]

My thesis: mLearning in South Korean higher education

I recently completed my thesis (as in I just sent in the revised version yesterday) so I now have a PhD from University College London. […]