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Mindmarker solves the problem every trainer knows all too well: your learners aren't using your training. We use your training materials, learning objectives, and behavior outcomes to create a custom Reinforcement Program that increases the effectiveness of your training by sending short reinforcement messages after training has ended. Then use our analytics tool to create reports that show you what happen during training and why. Use this information to start make organizational decisions to increase your training ROI.

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Avoid Passive Learning Moments with Social Friction

When we create a reinforcement program, we want learners to engage with the material. Avoid reactions like a head-nodding, eye-glazing from learners. Interrupt the "flow" […]

Measure Behavior Change with Repeating Survey Questions

Because survey questions are used to measure behavior change, repeating survey questions are a critical part of the reinforcement process. Repeating survey questions provide insight into behavior change […]

10 Key Benefits of Adaptive Learning

When peers are moving at different paces, the slow learners will inevitably fall behind those who are moving through the reinforcement course more quickly. This […]

Why Companies Love Training Reinforcement (And Why You Should Too!)

Training reinforcement has become front and center for many organizations. Why? Because training reinforcement has proven to increase retention and change behaviors. Check out our […]

Closing the 5 Reinforcement Gaps

It’s a common misconception that just because someone has been trained, that they will be able to use the knowledge and skills learned during their […]

5 Ways You Can Use Technology to Reinforce Training

Traditional training can increase employee productivity by as much as 22 percent. Yet, this type of training is often "one and done," as opposed to […]

How to Convert Training Data into Actionable Intelligence

What are you doing with your post-training data? When I talk to clients, they often ask me to measure everything. “To measure is to know”, […]

How to Transform Training Data into Actionable Intelligence

What are you doing with your training data? How are you using the information gathered post-training to continuously improve your organization’s employee training programs? In […]

3 Reasons Why Sales Training Fails

It's all too common: Your business invests in a new sales workshop or training program that is supposed to deliver lasting impact, yet you don't […]

5 Quick Facts About Training Reinforcement

More than 90% of the information taught during your employee training is forgotten within a two weeks. For training to be most effective, it has to […]

Training Ended... What's Next?

Important or not, forgetting something often causes people to question what is wrong with their memory, but in reality almost everyone has had an experience […]

Creating and Using Reinforcement Goals

Often times Training Reinforcement goals are being confused with learning goals. In many cases these 2 are the exact opposite. To determine the proper goals, the […]