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Google Chrome Extensions for the Primary Teacher - Part 4

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 are available on the respective hyperlinks.  Here are three more you may find useful to use in your day […]

Essential Chrome Extensions for the Primary Teacher Part 3

Part 1 can be found here and Part 2 here.  Below you will discover extensions 11-15 that may well transform your life.  OK maybe not, […]

Essential Chrome Extensions for the Primary Teacher - Part 2

Part 1 of the Essential Extensions can be found here.  Below are 5 more useful Chrome extensions as a primary school teacher you may want […]

15 Essential Chrome Extensions for the Primary Teacher - Part 1 

Super-charge your Chrome browser in the classroom!  Even if your school account is managed centrally, using some of these extensions should help you save time […]

Are you getting the most out of Chrome in the classroom?

HACK ONE _ SIGNING IN..​. Signing into the Chrome browser itself at school (on managed PCs) rather than just signing in via the Google homepage […]

Introducing the #nomousefriday challenge

So we're told the average office worker in the US could save the equivalent of 8 days a year by using keyboard shortcuts over reaching […]


Voki has been around for years, I know.  It's just that I see it now being a useful tool for children lower down the school, […]


Metro Map Creator is a great tool to use and can produce pretty impressive results, if you and your children persevere with what can be an […]

ringing the changes in your computing class

I am back after a long absence from the blogging scene.  I am starting afresh with the big issues. First up -  getting your class's […]

four websites that put the 'interactive' back into iwb!

These are interesting websites, great for whole-class use for those unexpected 5 minute slots you need to fill.   Here's hoping there's at least one […]

using in the primary classroom

VLEs.  Online Porfolios.  All great (!) but what happens to the content when pupils leave school?  A lot of the time not a lot.  But […]

Pivot Stickfigure Animator: 5 Tips For A Classic!

We've all been there.  For those that have used Pivot Stick Animator, you will know children from as young as Year 1 can come up […]