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Developing a Vision for Online Learning

Should Associations Move Learning Online?

There has been a lot of hype concerning the need for associations to take learning online. Expanding online content offerings without a well thought-out strategy can […]

Boost Association Education Products with Learner-Centered Experiences

The Gallup-Purdue Index provides an interesting look at the relationship between a person’s college experiences and his or her career and life success. This study, coupled with […]

​Five Tips for Creating Online Learning that Generates Non-Dues Revenue

While associations and nonprofit organizations continue looking for new ways to grow, the general avenues for driving such expansion remain relatively static: Brand awareness – Make […]

New Workshop Series to Build Capacity for Great Learning Experiences

The Institute for Learning Environment Design (ILED), a partnership between NextThought and the University of Central Oklahoma, is launching a new workshop series this Friday:  Now You […]

​Six Tips for Creating Great Digital Learning Content

Last week, Dan Meyer shared the Desmos guidelines for building great digital math activities. Not surprisingly, these guidelines have plenty to offer by way of designing a wide […]

Unknown Professional Futures and Opportunities for Associations

In their recent white paper, “The Association Role in the New Education Paradigm,” Shelly Alcorn and Elizabeth Weaver Engel outline how associations can play a […]

Finding the Right Blend of Analog and Digital

The trends pointed out by the Pew Research Center in its recent report on Book Reading 2016 are a great reminder of the yin and yang represented […]

Moving Beyond Traditional Self-Paced Learning Models in Professional Education

Ambient Insight has just released a report that predicts a sharp decline worldwide in the self-paced education market. The report offers the following rationale...

Employing Learning Design to Avoid the The Awkward Translator Syndrome

The Awkward Translator A key to designing and creating effective learning solutions is to remove the client from the role of “the awkward translator.” This […]

Good Learning Design Begins with the "What"

Often, learning technology companies focus their product messaging on the How – they tell people how their product will make a difference. They say: This is how our platform works. This […]

Building Organizational Capacity through Great Learning Design

It’s not uncommon we encounter an organization with a strong desire to deliver an innovative learning solution but lacking the internal resources or expertise to […]