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Noplag is a powerful online educational platform which offers originality checking services to ensure and assist in plagiarism-free writing process.

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Zendesk – the Best Customer Support & Ticket Management Software? Noplag Review

What is Zendesk? Zendesk is a popular software among other project management tools aimed at improving better customer relationship. There is hardly any company or […]

What Is Leadership?

While it is a challenge to work with others at times, it is critical to learn how to work with others in order to strengthen […]

How You Can Benefit From Committing Plagiarism

Plagiarism has been a perpetual problem that is now at the peak of its popularity. It is one of the most severe challenges for students, […]

Tutors and Parents: How to Make Perfect Matchmaking

When it comes to children and their education, there is no limit to what parents would do for their well-being. However, the same as in […]

Informal Evaluations of Teachers

An Education Revolution New York State lawmakers and school administrators have worked tirelessly to reform the state’s education system over the past few years through […]

5 Bad Excuses for Plagiarism

Writing has always been connected with plagiarism. The notion “plagiarism” has appeared relatively recently but its origin dates back centuries as even the first images […]

Brace yourself: Hidden College Costs

Students’ lives are far from being always funny and easy. Young people, who enter higher educational institutions, face a variety of challenges. Somebody has to […]

Inventive students: 10 crazy ways of cheating in exams

Students cheating has always been a very serious problem as inventive individuals sometimes astonish with their imagination and devices they use to perform a task […]

Effective Teaching Methods for Online Learners in Allied Health Professions Programs

Distance education encompasses various modes of learning and engaging activities for the learner to achieve the intended learning outcomes. The history of distant education has […]

How to Write an Essay

There is hardly any student, who was not assigned to write an essay. It is a very popular kind of assignment that is preferred by […]

Education Without Teachers

Can one bathe without water? Definitely not, so also, education without teachers is not possible for it would be like walking through an endless maze […]

Infographic: Facts and Numbers of Valentine’s Day

There is hardly any person who has not heard about St. Valentine’s Day. Today millions of people spend billions of dollars to surprise their beloved […]