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The OEB News Portal disseminates information about rich learning opportunities in conjunction with technologies, such as computers, the Internet, mobile devices, radio and audiovisual media. It is a hub for sharing ideas and best practices in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for education all over the world. The idea behind the platform is to enhance knowledge, expertise and skills while also serving as a catalyst for the vibrant multinational community of practice in this field. The portal is structured around the annual OEB conference, the largest e-learning conference for the corporate, education and public service sectors. The conference and exhibition takes place each year in December in Berlin, Germany. More at

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Exploring the Underbelly of Digital Literacies

Professor Mark Brown National Institute for Digital Learning Dublin City University   Digital Literacy is essential for successfully living, learning and working in today’s increasingly […]

AI and automation are having a huge impact on the future of work

By Michelle Selinger and Peter Hamilton, EdTech Ventures   As we head for the middle of the 21st century, we are experiencing an unprecedented rate […]

New Dimensions in Learning: How Technology Changes Future Landscapes

  Leading experts, thinkers, innovators and practitioners from North America and Europe will examine and discuss the future of learning at the upcoming OEB MidSummit, […]

Design Thinking – more than just a creative process

Does our contemporary condition of uncertainty – the key theme at this year’s OEB – require new forms of thinking? Does the demand for change […]

Webinars: An Under-Used Gem for Organizational Habit Change?

Advertorial by Sarah Cherif  from CUTESolutions     Going Beyond Happy Sheets   Have your organization and you been looking for measurable and effective ways […]

Disinformation and Discernment – OEB to Tackle ‘Fake News’

These days, it seems as though ‘fake news’ is everywhere. It is nothing new, though. In fact, it has been with us for a very […]

How to become a Self-Taught Techie – talking to Jessica Bell about technology, education, and internationalisation

Jessica Bell’s degree is in International Relations, yet she works as a front-end web developer at the Washington Post and teaches coding at General Assembly. […]

How gamification can enhance workplace learning: An insight into İşbank’s strategy game

Developing an engaging workplace-training programme when your staff are spread out all over the country – or the world – can be a real challenge. […]

Ethics in Artificial Intelligence: what the future holds – speaking to Inge de Waard

Dr Inge de Waard works as a strategic instructional designer for InnoEnergy Europe and is an avid enthusiast for open science. Her focus and knowledge […]

Grilling the Experts – what two of edtech’s most controversial figures can expect in Iceland

Two of the Edtech industry’s best known and most outspoken commentators face a grilling in Iceland in June.   By Harold Elletson   Roger Schank […]

Mind the Gap

Obstacles in knowledge or engagement can present difficulties in reaching audiences, particularly when the training being provided is specialised. As training and learning take on […]

A MidSummit Night’s Dream

The mid-Atlantic venue of OEB MidSummit and the convergence of new eruptions in learning are perfectly captured in the unique Icelandic setting. Located midway between […]