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The OEB News Portal disseminates information about rich learning opportunities in conjunction with technologies, such as computers, the Internet, mobile devices, radio and audiovisual media. It is a hub for sharing ideas and best practices in the field of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for education all over the world. The idea behind the platform is to enhance knowledge, expertise and skills while also serving as a catalyst for the vibrant multinational community of practice in this field. The portal is structured around the annual OEB conference, the largest e-learning conference for the corporate, education and public service sectors. The conference and exhibition takes place each year in December in Berlin, Germany. More at

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Touching the Future: Augmenting Reality in Education – talking to Tryggvi Thayer

The future is a big place, and the use of technology in learning makes it even bigger. Tryggvi Thayer from the University of Iceland and […]

“We have a great responsibility to educate this generation to use technology for the greater good”

Together with cognitive-psychology professor Harold Bekkering from the Radboud University in the Netherlands, Rector Muhammed Şahin from the MEF University is scheduled to speak at […]

University in transition

There is a sense of the university as an idyll: cut off from the world, unchanging. In today’s rapidly evolving world, though, nothing could be […]

Follow The Leader: The Creative Guide

The inaugural OEB MidSummit conference in Iceland this June presents a new opportunity to stimulate ideas, creativity and learning. Bert De Coutere from the Centre […]

How do we make education a “practice of freedom”? – talking to Audrey Watters

Audrey Watters is an education writer, author, and self-confessed troublemaker – “ed-tech’s Cassandra”. Since 2010, her blog and her website Hack Education have been chronicling […]

“Students have their own goals, communities their own needs”: an interview with Roger Schank

Roger Schank is known as one of traditional education’s harshest critics. A professor himself for over three decades, he quit in 2000 to run his […]

Makerspaces and Learning Places: Challenging the Status Quo

By Helen Keegan,   Makerspaces are part of a broader cultural trend around DIY culture where tinkering, creating and collaboration take place in informal cross-disciplinary […]

Listen to the learner

It’s inherent in the way educational systems work currently that the big decisions about edTech don’t get made by the people they affect. Governments make […]

Online learning: Expecting quality

Today, the need to expand knowledge is being required with increasing frequency both professionally and personally. In the workplace, at school, and at home, we can […]

TraMOOC at Languages and the Media 2016

Launched in February 2015, the TraMOOC project aims at providing reliable machine translation for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) from English to eleven European and […]

“This house believes AI could, should and will replace teachers”

There’s nothing like technology for inspiring unfounded hopes and fears. Think of all those earnest Victorian prophets of doom who thought railways would corrupt both […]

Upgrading Human Learning: Perspective Shifting

The changing landscape of learning is due in part to a shift in the way technology is used today. OEB keynote speaker Tricia Wang, founder […]