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5 Ways Microlearning Can Improve Employee Learning

New buzzword alert! If you follow the mobile learning space, you’ve probably seen that microlearning is the new hotness. We all know it’s not learning […]

4 Mobile Collaboration Must-Haves in 2017

Computer collaboration tools have come a long way since the dawn of the PC, to the point where terms like “floppy disk” and “sneaker net” […]

3 Tips for Motivating Employees With Mobile Learning

It’s tough to get yourself motivated, and it’s even tougher to keep other people motivated. Sometimes in the restaurant and retail worlds, we're headed in […]

Keeping Post-Millennials Engaged With Performance Support Systems

Post-millennials are more ready than any generation to be make use of performance support systems. This generation is even more savvy about and reliant on […]

How to Empower Retail Employees With Modern Learning Technology

There’s a lot of “moderns” going on today – modern learning, modern customer service, modern work culture, modern customer experience, modern living, modern family. Modern […]

4 Ways to Ensure Your Deskless Workers Have What They Need at Anytime

The challenge of managing deskless workers is making sure they've got access to all the same information that an employee with a desk would have. […]

What Is Performance Support and Why Is It Important?

Modern Computer-Based Training (CBT) hasn’t completely supplanted traditional Instructor-Led Training (ILT), but it has given rise to the practice of Performance Support.

Restaurant & Retail Stores Achieve Better Results With Social Learning

Leading a training program in a restaurant or retail environment can be challenging. As inherently social enterprises, they require a great deal of interaction with […]

Video's Now the Training Star: Training Employees With Video

In the ten years since the introduction of the iPhone, video production and consumption have grown exponentially. Having a video camera and editing station in […]

eLearning, xAPI - The New Sheriff in Town

By now, most learning professionals have heard of the Experience API learning standard (also referred to as “xAPI” or “Tin Can”). If so, here’s what […]

Effective Employee Training in Restaurants and Retail

In the ultra-competitive retail and restaurant environments of today, every advantage counts. Ask store managers and employee trainers where their biggest competitive advantage is and […]

Navigating Corporate eLearning Solutions

There are an overwhelming number of options for corporate eLearning solutions - this list notes almost 600! With that many potential options, where do you […]