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How to Engage Employees? Include Them in the Employee Training Process

According to Gallup, 51% of employees in the U.S. workforce “are not engaged and haven’t been for quite some time.”

Workplace Culture Should Be Measured, Just Like Sales or ROI

Typically, when we think about KPIs or important metrics to track on an ongoing basis, we think of things like ROI

2-step Guide for Creating Professional Training Materials on a Dime

We’re not talking the Texas two-step here - this is business. Your business and your employees. You know training is important, but you also don’t […]

Technology Trends and Organizational Challenges Facing Retailers Today

Boston Retail Partners (BRP) has published an interesting report on the dynamics impacting the retail industry.

Kill Paper, Not Trees - How We Do Employee Training in 2020

Remember when you needed a phone book to find the number to summon a taxi? How about the last time you ordered clothes out of […]

IT to the Rescue: Becoming a Hero to the Organization

IT professionals are some of the unsung heroes of the workforce. Whenever there’s a complex server issue affecting the company’s Internet performance, you’re there,

Top 5 Business Communication Trends in 2017

It seems that with every year the pace of business innovation is increasing. What seemed like a novel concept last year is now passé.

The Disruption of Digital Learning: Ten Things We Have Learned

It's no secret that the corporate L&D industry has been catching up with the digital transformation happening in the workplace. 

How Your Company Can Benefit from Employee Collaboration Tools

If there’s a buzzword that gets batted around in “office speak” with a high degree of frequency in the last few years, it’s “collaboration.”

IoT: How to Avoid Store Bandwidth Problems

You may have heard the phrase “Internet of Things” recently. The Internet of Things, or IoT, is the term used to describe the interconnection of […]

Millennials in the Workplace: Your Culture Will Look Like This in 2020

‍With Millennials rapidly joining the workforce (and Baby Boomers leaving it just as quickly), companies need to prepare for their workforce to be comprised of […]

Securing your Intellectual Property on Mobile Devices

A 2014 survey conducted by Osterman Research showed that 43% of enterprise employees have accessed sensitive corporate data on their personal device while on an […]