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PracTutor blog aims at helping classrooms digitize their classrooms. It aims to orient teachers, school administrations, parents and teachers towards computer-based learning, and help improve their classroom experiences.

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Transforming Schools for Language Learners: The Push-in Model

Do you have students struggling with Language Arts? Failure to read proficiently and independently by fourth grade can hinder student progress seriously. If your students […]

How to Teach Math Through Problem-solving

Teaching Problem solving isn’t an easy process. A teacher by nature is an expert; problem-solving is easy for them, and they are so fluent in […]

Proficiency or Growth: Why the Debate Matters

This debate isn’t just theoretical. In the long run, both proficiency and growth are valuable indicators. If a student cannot be deemed proficient by high-school […]

The Real Secret to Being Great at Math

Of all the subjects, why do kids hate only Math? Many people would tell you, it’s because either they didn’t study properly, or worst, they […]

How To Engage Gifted Students In A Regular Classroom

Teaching gifted students in a regular classroom isn’t an easy job. It’s a grand challenge. By the virtue of their unique abilities, gifted students deserve […]

How To Create A Student Centered Classroom

What does it mean to have a student centered classroom? Generally, when people discuss student centered classrooms, they begin by talking about technology, how technology […]

PracTutor Signs the Student Privacy Pledge

PracTutor reinforces its commitment to responsible data practices and safeguarding student privacy.   Louisville, KY  – Dec 14, 2016 – PracTutor announces that it has […]

5 Top Network Security Strategies For Your School

As more and more schools opt for technology; several challenges are cropping up. A major challenge is that of security, particularly student data and network […]

10 Tips to Help Your Students Develop Reading Skills

Are you sure that all your students would attain basic reading proficiency by the end of 3rd grade? Language proficiency by the end of 3rd […]

How to Organize Your Back to School Supplies Shopping

You should have received your back to school supplies list by now – have you? Most teachers send it in the first few weeks. (If […]

7 Misconceptions About English Language Learners

It’s a novel experience – the start of a new school year – fresh faces, a new atmosphere, and off-course brand-new challenge. Students come to […]

10 Things I Wish I Knew as a New Teacher

Long ago, when I started out as an ELA teacher, I wasn't aware of the challenges that I were to face as a new teacher. […]