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Raccoon Gang specializes in building eLearning solutions based on the Open edX platform

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7 Tips on How to Use Multimedia in eLearning

Using multimedia in eLearning is the best way of providing a delightful and enthralling learner's experience. Discover 7 tips of doing this right!

SCORM 2004 XBlock from Raccoon Gang

Raccoon Gang developed a SCORM xBlock, allowing importing content from third-party authoring tools like Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline into Open edX Studio

Adaptive Learning: what is it and how to make it work

Adaptive learning can be a buzzword for some, while others already use its benefits. Find out how using adaptive learning can benefit your course!

Ficus transition procedure and Ficus.2 update

Open edX transition to Ficus is more complicated as compared to upgrading to previous releases of the platform, due to the OS versions mismatch. However, […]

Mobile-first eLearning: Apple makes the next step

Apple makes the next step to providing mobile-first eLearning in blended classrooms. iOS 10.3 comes with great features both for instructors and learners, helping sculpt […]

5 most inspiring features to improve your mLearning

mLearning is gaining momentum and knowing of the most inspiring features of award-winning mLearning tools can help instructional designers and developers deliver the best mLearning […]

5 steps to leveraging Big Data in eLearning

Many still consider Big Data to be a sort of "Big Brother", spying ovr you. Quite contrary, it is a handy tool allowing improving the […]

Creating personalized learning for employees

Personalized learning allows catering to the needs of diverse learners, providing the training paradigm that fits many comprehension types, learning patterns and pace.

Open edX Eucalyptus hotfixes and new features released February, 2017

Open edX Eucalyptus release will be the mainstay for many MOOC providers worldwide, until a procedure of content copying to Ficus release is available. Thus […]

Your courseware is pirated… and shared. Is it truly bad?

Online course content is often pirated and shared. Certain precautions can be made, yet even if such situation took place, wise course author can turn […]

3 working approaches to engaging Millennials into eLearning

Engaging Millennials with eLearning is the key to ensuring both corporate training success for companies and online course popularity for educational institutions. We list 3 […]

3 must-haves of doing leadership training for Millennials right

Millions of Millennials will soon become managers, but will they become leaders? Leaddership training for Millennials is important for any business success!