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Creating personalized learning for employees

Personalized learning allows catering to the needs of diverse learners, providing the training paradigm that fits many comprehension types, learning patterns and pace.

Open edX Eucalyptus hotfixes and new features released February, 2017

Open edX Eucalyptus release will be the mainstay for many MOOC providers worldwide, until a procedure of content copying to Ficus release is available. Thus […]

Your courseware is pirated… and shared. Is it truly bad?

Online course content is often pirated and shared. Certain precautions can be made, yet even if such situation took place, wise course author can turn […]

3 working approaches to engaging Millennials into eLearning

Engaging Millennials with eLearning is the key to ensuring both corporate training success for companies and online course popularity for educational institutions. We list 3 […]

3 must-haves of doing leadership training for Millennials right

Millions of Millennials will soon become managers, but will they become leaders? Leaddership training for Millennials is important for any business success!

eLearning content piracy: is your online course security compromised?

Online course content security can be compromised in several ways. Learn how to prevent such breaches to protect your content from piracy!

7 benefits of using custom eLearning in corporate training

Custom eLearning course development ensures creating training content best fit for a particular company's needs.

6 scenarios for improving employee onboarding using microlearning

Using microlearning helps improve the efficiency of employee onboarding and corporate training. Here are 6 scenarios on doing that.

Checklist for instructional designers to align with refreshed Section 508 requirements

Section 508 refresh means eLearning accessibility is becoming a hot trend. Learn about the main tips and best practices for providing accessible eLearning.

Open edX Ficus release has arrived!

Ficus, the new Open edX version is released!