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"I LEARNED IT ON A PODCAST" -- This podcast is for anyone interested in learning about podcasting and other e-learning technologies. - Rodney B. Murray, Ph.D., University of the Sciences

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RPP #153: eLearning after 20 Years - Interview with Ken Hartman

Interview with Dr. Ken Hartman, CEO of Degree Quest and the past president of Drexel University Online. Ken has a long distinguished history in education […]

RPP #152: The Future of Education: A Scenario

Rod illustrates a scenario he wrote as part of a strategic planning process on the future of education at the University of the Sciences. The […]

RPP #151: Algebra By Hand - Interview with Michael Eiseman

Interview with Michael Eiseman, Founder of Learn By Hand, LLC. With a masters in Chemical Engineering, Michael was a research scientist for DuPont R&D for […]

RPP #150: Memorang - Interview with Yermie Cohen

Interview with Yermie Cohen, MD, Co-Founder & CEO of Memorang, Inc. Memorang is a free web and mobile study tool that helps students memorize any […]

RPP #149: Teaching in a Digital Age - Interview with Tony Bates

Interview with Dr. Tony Bates, CEO of Tony Bates Associates Ltd and Distinguished Visiting Professor at Ryerson University. Tony was the former Director of Distance Education and Technology at […]

RPP #148: Sway - Interview with Jill Sitnick

Interview with Jill Sitnick, Technology Strategist, Microsoft We discuss Sway, Microsoft's mobile graphic presentation tool. Create and share interactive reports, presentations, personal stories from your […]

RPP #147: Labster - Interview with Mikkel Marfelt & Aaron Knox

Interview with Dr. Mikkel Marfelt and Aaron Knox of Labster We discuss laboratory simulation and how it can be highly effective for STEM education while opening […]

RPP #146: Autodesk Education - Interview with Randy Swearer

Interview with Dr. Randy Swearer, VP of Education Experiences, Autodesk. We discuss Autodesk’s efforts to empower students for lifelong learning through problem-solving, collaboration and design thinking. Topics […]

RPP #145: DubLabs - Interview with Tony Orlando

Interview with Tony Orlando, CEO of DubLabs, LLC on how mobile apps from DubLabs "Unifies student mobility and increases engagement to improve performance and retention." […]

RPP #144: ExamSoft - Interview with Jason Gad

Interview with Jason Gad, Vice President of Business Development, ExamSoft Worldwide Inc. We answer the questions: How does Examsoft work? Jason Gad What are advantages […]

RPP #143: Knewton Personalized Learning - Interview with Jason Jordan

Interview with Jason Jordan, Vice President for Higher Ed Markets at Knewton We answer the questions: Jason Jordan, VP for Higher Ed Markets What is […]

RPP #142 Screencast: 10th Anniversary Edition - Podcasting 101

This is a special screencast edition of the audio podcast. See show notes below for details.