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Speaking the Most Powerful Languages in the World

It is no surprise that we are passionate about language learning. We believe knowing a language broadens horizons and opens new doors to brand new […]

[Infographic] The Formula for Language-Learning Success

Balancing all the elements of a global business isn’t easy, and a key element in the equation is communication. If your employees can’t communicate with […]

[NEW eBook] The Pros and Cons of an English-Only Workplace

Using English – the most popular language for business worldwide – as your lingua franca may seem like a great way to streamline processes and […]

The Reviews are In for Rosetta Stone® Catalyst™

As you may have heard, we recently released a game changing language learning product for enterprise call Rosetta Stone® Catalyst™. We see Catalyst as the […]

Exclusive Product Sneak Peek: Rosetta Stone® Catalyst™

By Kelly Vaast, Sr. Manager of Product Development – In the world of product development, we spend months – sometimes years – designing, developing, and […]

Rosetta Stone Catalyst Meets Wall Street

By Shari Hofer, VP of Marketing, Enterprise and Education, at Rosetta Stone – Roots of The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) stretch back to 1792 when […]

European Day of Languages is 26 September!

This 26th of September marks the 15th anniversary of the European Day of Languages, organized by the Council of Europe. The purpose of the Day of Languages […]

Be an “Intrapreneur” Within Your Company

Most professionals dream of one day becoming a CEO or running their own business. While many eventually put themselves in that position sometime during their […]

Driving Business Success with Confident Communication

“Employees don’t work in a vacuum. Communicating with colleagues, clients, and partners in today’s multilingual workplace is absolutely essential in order to meet individual and […]

How Confidence Fuels Effective Communication

Confident employees express themselves clearly with internal and external stakeholders. Without speaking confidence, the drive to connect and innovate is stifled—to the detriment of the […]

How Bilingualism Benefits You

More than half the world learns more than one language as a child. While we in the monolinguistic world might think that has no bearing […]

The Pros and Cons of Hiring Expats

As business becomes increasingly global, many companies turn toward relocating their own employees to new foreign offices rather than try to hire local workers. This […]