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Innovation Philosopher defines the word once & for all | Business Grapevine

Photo: Bettina von Stamm Dr Bettina von Stamm is a leading Innovation Philosopher and Founder of the Innovation Leadership Forum. She spoke to Business Grapevine, […]

STEAM Pathways - A Philosophy For Deeper Learning | Coronado Eagle and Journal

Photo: Karl Mueller "“STEAM” (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) has become a bit of a buzzword in education discussions. In the constant use, we […]

Getting the biggest bang for your college buck | MoneyWatch

Photo: John F. Wasik John Wasik, author of The Debt-Free Degree and 15 other books notes, "Figuring out if a particular degree from a particular […]

These Delaware teachers are all about digital learning | Technical.ly Delaware

Photo: Phyllis Spencer "And it goes way beyond just computers. Still, access to new classroom technologies isn't as equitable as it could be." summarizes Phyllis […]

VVSD Digital Learning Day Encourages Teachers to Share, Connect | Patch.com

Photo: Shannon Antinori Shannon Antinori (Patch Staff) says, "Teachers are urged to share how they are using digital tools in the classroom." Photo: Patch.com Classrooms […]

How important is Digital in HR and Learning? | Digital News Asia

Crucial to have technologies in place to assist with management, implementation of initiatives HR has to ensure CEO understands implications of implementing comprehensive digital strategy […]

A more democratic learning | The Indian Express

"Higher education can be made easier and cheaper without diluting content. New beginnings are being made in this direction" argues Abhijit Banerjee and Esther Duflo, […]

Q&A: Barcelona and the Spanish startup scene | IDG Connect

Photo: Kathryn Cave "We speak to Pep Gomez, Chairman of NUMA Barcelona, an acceleration program for tech startups" says Kathryn Cave, Editor at IDG Connect.  […]

The power of artificial intelligence at work | IDG Connect

Photo: Ted Power Please, take a closer look at at this contributed piece by Ted Power, co-founder of Abacus as shown below. Photo: IDG Connect […]

Reaching Today's Distracted Students: A Handbook for Professors | Top Hat

Top Hat’s interactive, cloud-based teaching platform enables professors to engage students inside and outside the classroom with compelling content, tools and activities. Millions of students at […]

Getting Started with Blended Learning Videos | Faculty Focus

Photo: Anthony R. Sweat Photo: Kenneth Alford "“There’s just not enough time in class with students!” It’s a common faculty complaint, and when students are […]

EPISD students visit Apple Store to learn coding | El Paso Inc

"Coding is not the first thing that comes to mind when visiting the mall, but for EPISD middle school students Cielo Vista Mall became an […]