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Learning inside — and outside — of the classroom | Fenton Tri County Times

Photo: Hannah Ball Hannah Ball, Staff Reporter summarizes, "Local businesses, like Alpine, Goodwill and Family Farm and Home, welcome the student." Linden High School junior […]

The myth of learning styles | Patheos

Photo: Gene Edward Veith "You know how some people are “right brained” and other people are “left brained”?" notes Edward Veith, writer and a retired […]

Watch the First Ever Music Video Created Using Artificial Intelligence | Noiseporn

"The first video created using Google’s artificial intelligence technology has arrived." according to Noiseporn. Ben Zaidi’s “Who Did I Think I Was” is the first-ever music […]

Building the library of the future | Research Information

Predicting the future is notoriously difficult, writes Keith Webster, Dean of Libraries at Carnegie Mellon University.  Photo: FreeDigitalPhotos.net The array of forces that impact upon […]

Summer courses open new doors to learning | The Seattle Times

"Get a jump on credits, hone professional skills or pursue a new passion." inform UW Summer Quarter. Photo: University of Washington Summer in Seattle is […]

SA-made solution helps Maths and Science students achieve good results | The South African

Photo: Caryn Edwards "All you need is a cellphone." says Caryn Edwards, Author at The South African.Top quality Maths and Science teaching is now available […]

Can artificial intelligence make you a better tweeter? | Recode

Follow on Twitter as @KurtWagner8 Kurt Wagner, business and tech journalist since 2012 says, "An AI startup called Post Intelligence hopes it can." Photo: Shutterstock […]

Robots, artificial intelligence boom may cost US, UK at least 1/3 of their jobs: Study | CNBC

"The robot invasion is coming, and its gunning for at least 30 percent of the jobs in US, UK" notes CNBC.  Photo: CNBC Up to […]

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning and How they Differ from One Another | TrendinTech

"These are three terms that are heard all the time now, but often people still get confused about what each one really entails." inform Ryan […]

Highest paying jobs for developers go to Machine Learning specialists | Computer Business Review

Photo: Joe Clark "A new report from Stack Overflow has found that Machine Learning specialists have the highest paying jobs among developers." reports Joe Clark, […]

Machine learning: Should we be excited or fearful for our jobs? | Siliconrepublic.com

How machine learning can drive efficiency rather than drive people out of their jobs, insist Nicola Mortimer, head of business products, marketing and operations at […]

What Is The Best Way To Learn Machine Learning Without Taking Any Online Courses? | Forbes

"What is the best way to start learning machine learning and deep learning without taking any online courses? originally appeared on Quora: the place to […]