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Seven things to know about datacentre deployment in Africa | IDG Connect

Photo: Kathryn Cave Check out this article about datacentre deployment in Africa by Kathryn Cave, Editor at IDG Connect. Photo: IDG Connect Datacentres are the […]

Suggested Book of the Week 23

Check these books out below by Albert-László Barabási, Robert Gray Dodge Professor of Network Science, Evarist Giné, University of Connecticut and Richard Nickl, University of […]

What is game theory? | OUPblog

"Game theory is considered to be one of the most important theories not simply within the field of economics, but also mathematics, political science, biology, […]

Philosopher of the month: Swami Vivekānanda [timeline] | OUPblog

This June, the OUP Philosophy team honors Swami Vivekānanda (born Narendranath Datta, 1863–1902) as their Philosopher of the Month inform Catherine Pugh, Marketing Assistant at […]

Women in Maths Day - Tuesday 27th June 2017 | London Mathematical Society

This year a one day London Mathematics Society Women in Maths Day will be held at Warwick University on Tuesday 27th June, 2017. LMS Women […]

Math for America | For Master Teachers of Math and Science

Take a peek at Math for America (MƒA) below.  MƒA was founded in 2004 as an organization committed to teachers.  MfA master teachers are changing […]

What schools can learn from a simple tailor | NEO Blog

Follow on Twitter as @LiviaMihai "The children who go to school today will surely engage with unforeseen technologies in their future" reports Livia Mihai, lead […]

A Non-Revolutionary Way to Improve Teaching Quality | Inside Higher Ed

A blog by John Warner Just Visiting "The quality of undergraduate instruction isn't just a problem of pedagogy, says John Warner, author of the story […]

Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Visva Parichay’ to be translated in English | The Indian Express - Lifestyle - books

"Rabindranath Tagore's exploration of biology, physics, and astronomy impacted his poetry, which often contained extensive naturalism that underscored his respect for scientific laws" continues The […]

Get Your Free Tips and Tricks Guide Today! - 50 Tips for Managing Email Chaos | TradePub.com

Follow on Twitter as @ProductiveYou "We have enough email coming and going and the pace is steadily increasing." writes Cynthia Kyriazis, Productivity Strategist, Coach & […]

Working Together To Close The Skills Gap | Training Magazine Network - White Paper

"Work looks completely different in 2017 than it did just a generation ago." inform Coursea for business. Where we work looks different, how we work […]

Welcome to the Student Success Handbook for Higher Education | D2L

This handbook shares strategies that you can use to invest in student success, including how you can improve retention rates, retain non-traditional and first-generation college […]