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Use This Training Director Job Description to Hire the Best Candidate

Most companies want to attract, retain and motivate the best employees to keep their competitive edge. Having a solid training program is a key contributor […]

Powering the On-Demand Economy: A Rising Tide of SaaS Companies Providing Infrastructure For Today’s Fastest Growing Businesses

By now, everyone has marveled at the meteoric rise of on-demand economy companies like Uber, Lyft, Airbnb and Seamless. So much has been written about […]

Get Started Today on Your LMS Administrator Job Description

A learning management system (LMS) is a vital tool in your organization’s training department. The LMS is used for supporting, tracking and delivering classroom and […]

A Sample Instructional Designer Job Description

Instructional design has been around in some form for years, but with the advance of elearning, the discipline is becoming increasingly significant in the workplace. […]

Use our Sample Training Manager Job Description to Find Your Next Hire

As work environments become more complex and dynamic, companies recognize how critical it is to train employees to keep that competitive edge. Having the right […]

20+ Essential elearning Resources for Growing Brands

Organizations realize the importance of employee learning and development programs, and, now more than ever, they also recognize the need to adopt new training methods […]

Important LMS Pricing & Cost Considerations: Read This Before You Buy

When LMS pricing models and features packages aren’t standardized between different learning management systems, comparing just how much you’ll be spending with each can be […]

Prepare for an LMS Implementation with this Project Plan

After much deliberation, your organization has made the critical decision to replace your old LMS with a new system. Or you’ve finally decided to implement […]

The 10 Most Critical LMS Requirements for Modern Online Training

Today’s learning management systems showcase a dizzying number of features, so when you put together your list of LMS requirements, it can be daunting to […]

How to Conduct a Comprehensive LMS Evaluation

Comparing the numerous learning management systems in the marketplace today make the job of choosing one simultaneously easy and extremely tough. While many LMS vendors […]

LMS Comparison 101: What You Need to Know Before Buying

Any CIO or CLO attempting a full learning management system comparison might think they’re facing a daunting task. Many LMSs populate the Software as a […]

7 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Engaging LMS Vendors

How important is a learning management system (LMS) to the growth of your organization? Very. So choosing the right LMS vendor is crucial. You are […]