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Six Steps to an Effective Customer Onboarding Process

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User Onboarding Best Practices: 5 Guidelines You Can Count On

It doesn’t matter if you’re targeting customers, contractors, partners or employees; your approach to user onboarding will inform every interaction people have with your software. […]

The Benefits of Blended Learning on Corporate Learner Engagement

Blended learning offers the convenience and flexibility of online learning, with the personalization and real-world application of in-person training. It affords you the benefits of […]

Use this Research-based Employee Onboarding Plan to Boost Retention

Every company has their own version of employee onboarding. Some companies devote two years to the process, spend thousands of dollars and utilize detailed metrics, […]

Employee Training Software: Everything You Need to Know

The task of choosing the right employee training software can be intimidating, especially for a manager who has never had to set up an online […]

6 Training Best Practices Used by Seasoned Experts

No two trainers are exactly the same. By nature of the tools they use, the content they teach, the circumstances they navigate to meet learner […]

A Comprehensive List of Training Resources for Modern Trainers: 68 and Counting

To stay at the top of your game as a modern trainer, you need the most up-to-date industry knowledge — but vetting good training resources […]

Employee Training Doesn't End with Onboarding

The workplace is becoming a fantastically fluid concept due to the explosion of new technologies. This is a process that has been going on for […]

30 Days to Launch: How to Build a Training Program in 5 Easy Phases

The speed of change in today’s business world is blistering. Product offers, marketing strategy, corporate structure and company policies evolve rapidly in the fluid, hyper-connected […]

Onboarding Checklist: Your Guide to Scalable Employee Success

Onboarding is a delicate time in the lifecycle of a new employee. When done right, it’s an opportunity to make a great impression and ensure […]

How to Find the Best Elearning Consultant for Your Project

Imagine you’re the training manager of a small to mid-sized company. Your organization’s CEO was recently at a conference, where she saw a sample course […]

The Top Elearning Conferences Around the Globe: 19 and Counting

Your job may be training others, but you shouldn’t forget about your own professional development. All over the world, top elearning conferences gather training managers, […]