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ShareKnowledge is a Learning Management System built on SharePoint. Find useful information about our product along with blogs that cover how to use SharePoint for training.

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SharePoint Learning Portal for training

Some say that SharePoint is a jack of all trades, a limitless work tool. While it’s most commonly utilized for document management, it also reigns […]

A Guide to LMS Reviews

In this day and age, one of the first things we do when we’re about to make a large purchase is to check the reviews […]

Microlearning is just the ticket to engage remote workers

Gaining and keeping the attention of your employees is hard enough but engaging remote workers is a task that continues to baffle even the savviest […]

Benefits Of Cross Training With A SharePoint LMS

In today’s dynamic world, it’s critical to have employees who are nimble and versatile. Cross-departmental training provides value to organizations by ensuring that skill sets […]

How to choose the best collaboration software for corporate eLearning

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last year, you know that collaboration is the name of the game in business. This is […]

Latest ShareKnowledge Release 4.6.3

The bulk of updates in this release revolve around courses. Here is how we’ve improved the features in the course category: 1) Creating a new […]

Is your LMS Scorm compliant? And, why should you care?

You probably have a checklist a mile long of various features and must-haves for your Learning Management System.  But, is your LMS scorm compliant? And, […]

What LMS for SharePoint training system is right for you?

For many companies, an LMS for SharePoint just makes sense. The obvious reason is the utilization of software that you already have plus the integration […]

Scorm and SharePoint – everything you need to know.

There are just some questions that keep getting asked over and over in the learning world. One of the big ones for us at ShareKnowledge […]

How collaborative learning leads to business success

How many times have managers said ‘stop talking and get back to work’? Socializing is not widely accepted in most corporate cultures because it’s thought […]

Building a social learning experience in SharePoint

As professionals, we are constantly striving to implement the best conditions for ultimate productivity. Social learning will play an even more important role in training […]

Why you should re-evaluate the way you conduct an employee evaluation

An employee evaluation is a very useful tool but these descriptive words tend to come to mind for many HR managers…tedious, time consuming, cumbersome and […]