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Shradha hrd group stands for enduring excellence in activities ranging from Business solutions and Human Resource Training to Natural Wellness Solutions. Our corporate and institutional initiatives cover the complete spectrum of soft skills training, Leadership excellence & coaching, management development programs, skills for communication excellence, cutting edge BPO training & unique digital learning solutions.

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Social Intelligence: Understanding people

You can easily spot someone with lots of Social Intelligence at a party or social gathering because he or she knows how to “work the […]

Different Personalities at Work: Narcissism

Narcissistic leadership is a leadership style in which the leader is only interested in him/herself. Their priority is themselves – at the expense of their people/group members. This leader exhibits the characteristics […]

Social Intelligence: Organizational Tranformation

What makes an organization successful its people or its leaders? In many organizations it has been seen, especially where leaders are open to suggestions and […]

Social Intelligence: Anxiety vs. Productivity

We all have at some time in our lives felt anxious. Though, we may not have been consciously aware of what the effects our anxious […]

Social Intelligence: Effects of fear

“Banish fear” was a slogan of the late quality-control guru W. Edwards Deming. He saw that fear froze a workplace: workers were reluctant to speak […]

Social Intelligence: Mood Effectors

It’s natural to get affected by each other’s mood. Drains and Thunderstorms are two types of people. Drains are people who suck the energy out […]

Social Intelligence: Humor

Positive sounds such as laughter or a triumphant ‘woo hoo!’ can trigger a response in the listener’s brain. The response is automatic and helps us […]

Series on Social Intelligence: Toxic vs. Nourishing

Social intelligence, from the standpoint of interpersonal skills, has been described as Karl Albrecht as behaviour which falls somewhere on a spectrum between “toxic” effect […]

Social Intelligence: Cooperativeness

Social Intelligence also encompasses your ability to observe and understand the context of a situation you may find yourself in, and to understand the ways […]

Series on Social Intelligence

Social Intelligence is the ability to get along well with others, and to get them to cooperate with you. Sometimes referred to simplistically as “people […]

Series on Emotional Intelligence: Building relationships

A conflict arises when individuals have varied interests, opinions and thought processes and are just not willing to compromise with each other. It is always […]

Series on Emotional Intelligence: Maintaining relationships

Maintaining relationships with other individuals is an art that needs to be understood. Only someone who knows this art can succeed in life. Parents want […]