Simformer is an unparalleled project. We have created not only a powerful, multi-user business-simulation environment, but also a platform that is fundamentally changing the current approach to business education. We make learning more effective and practical. Our story is about making business education a fascinating process from a school bench to a corporate university.

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Simformer Gets A Positive Review And 2 Prestigious SaaS Awards Corporate LMS Software

When choosing the perfect-cut LMS application on a market full of promising solutions, customer like to rely on expert opinion before even testing or considering […]

5 Reasons Why eLearning Engages Employees in Training

Many companies are making huge investments into training their staff. However, there is minimal return on investment. Use business game to motivate employees to train […]

4 Ideas To Include In Your eLearning Course

Do you want to add new activities to your online repertoire? In this infographic we share innovative, collaborative and creative ideas that you can use […]

9 Tips on how to use everything at hand to make the new eLearning content

Here are tips on how to use everything in eLearning content you have at hand and produce something new on the basis of it.

5 steps to become a great manager

To be a great manager you need to keep focus. Here are specific steps for you to follow.

Business-game "CBS Business Management Cup"

From January 23rd till 29th, 2017, City Business School together with Simformer Business Simulation for Training and Education team had conducted an engaging business-game "CBS […]

Virtual economies will solve the real world issues

Recently - virtual currencies and economies started gaining global interest, due to their impact to the real world economy. Virtual currency “Bitcoin” has became a […]

Future of business - how business simulations will change entrepreneurship

With the dawn of internet everything got commodified. A modern person is constantly looking for ways to improve - his mind, spirit and body. Many […]

Start-ups, what’s up with them?

Nowadays everyone knows what a start-up is. Many know that their survival rate is quite low. However, not that many know why it happens. So, […]

Start-ups. 3 main problems and 3 tips

A really great article and interview with Matt Clarck from on Forbes about main three problems and effective three strategies for start-uppers.

Simformer in Vilnius University

We are happy to announce that on 10th of February, there was a first lecture in Vilnius University and Simformer was introduced as part of […]

Simformer sponsors 2nd Annual “Gamification in HR” Summit

You are welcome to meet our representatives at the main event exhibit at the Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna from 27-28-29 April 2015.