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A site looking at the various changes to social ways of interacting at work, with a particular interest in how they facilitate learning, both for individuals and for organizations.

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Using AI To Predict Cardiac Risk In Liver Transplant Patients

AI has been doing an increasingly impressive array of things in healthcare in recent years, but one of the more interesting applications has been around […]

How peers influence managerial attitudes towards flexible work

I wrote recently about a new study showcasing the value of flexible working.  They recruited a number of volunteers to work in a variety of […]

The Current State of Genomics in the NHS

I’ve written a lot recently about the rise in genomic data, and the applications being developed on top of this.  For instance, a recent project […]

Using AI to test for the long-term impact of concussion

Concussion has been headline news in recent months as a number of rugby players have suffered repeated blows to the head whilst on the pitch.  […]

The smart suit that brings big data to sport

I’ve written numerous times about the growing number of sporting wearables that both capture rich data about your performances, but also then layer AI on […]

Wearable electronics for round-the-clock health monitoring

Wearable devices have become increasingly potent in the past year, not least in the new wave of smart fabrics and sensors that are capable of […]

New model to support ethical behavior in robots

As robots and humans begin to work together more, researchers are working hard to ensure that robots behave in the right way, both for themselves […]

Ultrasound drill helps to break down blood clots

Recent years have seen a number of innovations to surgical tools and procedures, from 3D printing to virtual reality.  Now, a team from North Carolina State […]

The robot that can check for leaky pipes

I’ve written a number of times previously about the drive towards smarter cities, with the Internet of Things used to monitor key infrastructure and even […]

The Mathematics of Memes

The science behind viral content is something that I’ve touched on a few times over the years, but the huge success wrought by content that […]

The smart patch that monitors your sweat

The number of smart wearable devices has mushroomed in recent times, and one of the more interesting areas has been in devices designed to analyze […]

Report Tracks Progress In Building Digital Economies

There are precious few countries on earth that aren’t trying to develop innovative, digital economies, but a recent report from Tufts University highlights the varying […]