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A site looking at the various changes to social ways of interacting at work, with a particular interest in how they facilitate learning, both for individuals and for organizations.

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Natural lighting and its use in hospitals

For the last few months we’ve been experimenting with a sleep light from Lumie.  I suspect you’ve seen them, but the idea is that they […]

Can creativity be inherited?

Creativity is one of those qualities that is frequently sought after in employees, but what exactly renders one creative is much harder to quantify.  Researchers […]

Why you should be wary of rudeness to medical staff

Engagements with healthcare professionals can often be fraught affairs.  From the patients side, people often come equipped with a degree of knowledge from Dr Google, […]

Are we more honest when we swear?

There’s a strong sense that swearing remains something that is rather frowned upon in the workplace.  It signifies a person that’s out of control and […]

Using AI to predict heart failure

Most illnesses and diseases are treated much more effectively if we can catch them at an early stage. The last year have seen a number […]

Graphene ‘tattoo’ provides temporary health sensing

Since graphene was introduced to the world with a considerable fanfare, it has felt a bit like a technology looking for a solution.  Despite not […]

The risks of misaligned purpose at work

I wrote recently about the power of purpose, not only in our working lives but also our personal lives.  A recent study found that when […]

Study examines cultural differences in workplace motivation

There have been no shortages of studies aiming to shed light on what motivates us and inspires great performance in the workplace.  A recent international […]

How 3D scanners can help retrofit auto plants

Retrofitting an assembly line whenever you change the model of car you wish to build can be a complex and time-consuming process.  An interesting project […]

Walking app aims to help people stay active

As wearable and mobile technologies have evolved, there have been a growing number of services designed to help us exercise in exactly the way we […]

Using big data for ideation

Last summer, a Japanese company made the news after it announced that an AI would be joining its board.  The AI was deployed to mine […]

Under Armour release shoe capable of monitoring fatigue

Last year sportswear company Under Armour teamed up with IBM.  The two companies worked on a new version of the UA Record app that will […]