Random thoughts on Educational Technology, Science, Teaching and Learning written by a middle school science teacher learning new ways to incorporate technology in the science classroom, and beyond.

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#Intentional: Amplification of Voice

The summer professional development season has begun in full earnest!  I attended and presented at the #evillageNWI conference in Valparaiso this week.  I hadn’t intended […]

History of Personalized Learning

This speech was so good, I’m just gonna share it.  Thank you @audreywatters.        Tagged: personalized learning

#Intentional: Learnin’ is Earnin’

When I started my Master program in Educational Technology at the American College of Education back in 2012, my plan was to just learn what […]

#Intentional: Someone Saved My Life Tonight…

I’ve been teaching for 13 years and like most teachers, we aren’t always sure if what we’ve taught be it academic or life skill, made […]

#Intentional: Race, Education, and Motive for Learning… A Reflection

So John Hopkins did a study.  I like it when they do; they’re very good at this sort of thing in the educational realm.  In […]

#Intentional: The Summer of Learning Dangerously

I’m addicted to learning.  If I’m not in the midst of researching something new or learning a new skill, I feel as if my life […]


I love my school.  I do.  Great co workers, amazing support staff.  The kids are ok too! (ok, they kids are amazing!)  Its something we […]

#Intentional: Making PD Personal

I read the book, Hidden Figures this winter.  Amazing story about amazing women doing amazing things.  So amazing! (ok, I”ll stop now)  One thread that […]

#Intentional: Education is NOT a Competition

It´s testing season.  Those who follow this blog with any amount of regularity (its ok, I don´t follow it with any real regularity either) know, […]

#Intentional: School is Boring.

At the invitation of a brilliant student that attends my school, I attended a very interesting gathering last week.  Technori is a group of technology […]

#Intentional: The State of Public Education

I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately.  New Secretary of Education who probably knows as much about public education as a 2 year […]

#Intentional: Science Inquiry – Sneaking up on Evolution

I live in Indiana. Here in the great (former) state of Pence, the word “evolution” is tantamount to cursing. Our science book doesn’t even call […]