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The Future of Work

What happens if predictions that technology and automation will make jobs obsolete on a large scale in a few years turn out to be true? […]

xAPI and Totara

Hamish Dewe from Orion Health joins the Learning While Working podcast to outline some of the practical applications of xAPI and Totara Learning Management Systems […]

Digital thinking for L&D: Online workshops

Digital technologies are disrupting the way we work. But it’s not the technologies that are causing the disruption, it’s what we do with them that’s […]

Blended learning strategies to grow your people into being self-guided learners

I recently ran a webinar on how to grow your people into being self-guided learners. In this blog post I'm going to explore in more […]

The evolution of xAPI with Andrew Downes

This is the second podcast in our series on xAPI. Andrew Downes from Watershed LRS talks about the evolution of xAPI. Subscribe using your favourite […]

Introduction to xAPI with Andrew Downes

An interview with Andrew Downes from Watershed LRS about xAPI. Subscribe using your favourite podcast player Links from the podcast Watershed LRS Five Steps to […]

Webinar: Getting started in digital learning for trainers and consultants

The world of work and learning is changing. Employees and organisations are demanding more-flexible, shorter learning experiences. There is also a shift away from learning […]

How to use your LMS for good, not evil

LMSs are only good for compliance tracking I keep on hearing L&D people say that an LMS is only good for tracking compliance. At the […]

Beyond compliance: getting home safe and well

An interview with Michael Roberts from IPM Consulting. Michael explains how his company looks past the compliance model of learning to engage people and achieve […]

Virtual reality and storytelling

Ben McEwing from Carben returns to the Learning While Working podcast and talks with Robin about the emerging role of VR as a storytelling and […]

Experiences so far with ‘not storyboarding’

eLearning storyboards are not an agile way of working One of the principles of agile project management is the aim to reduce the amount of […]

Digital thinking for L&D 101: The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term used to talk about the practice of interconnecting the physical world – with its sensors and actuators […]