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SweetRush blogs are written by our eight Thought Leaders to bring our clients and readers tangible and relevant information gleaned from the performance improvement trenches. Every day our Thought Leaders are engaged in the full spectrum of blended learning development efforts, from gamification and mobile learning, to live and virtual classroom training, to large engagement program management. We hope you enjoy these insights garnered from their real-world experiences.

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Breaking Through the Pixels: Reaching Out to Coworkers in a Virtual Company

Shane Donahue, SweetRush's Creative Director, shares his experience visiting his Costa Rican coworkers, and the importance of connection in a virtual company.

Learning Rush Alert: Designing Successful Learning Solutions

Designing successful learning solutions helps the learner to be engaged, finish the course motivated and pleased with the learning experience.

The Secrets Ingredients of Large-Scale Learning Programs

Running large-scale learning programs is no easy task. Find out the secrets to success!

What Makes a Visionary Learning Strategy?

Three SweetRush visionaries explain what it means to have a visionary learning strategy.

Agile eLearning Development: Let’s Have That ‘Agile’ Conversation

Esteban Cascante, SweetRush Project Manager, explains what Agile eLearning Development means for SweetRush.

Infographic: 2017 Instructional Design Trends

SweetRush thought leaders forecast the 2017 instructional design trends, check out on this infographic the hightlights.

Three Solutions for Custom eLearning Challenges

Each project comes with its own set of challenges, Lauren Granahan, SweetRush's Solution Architect, describes three creative solutions for custom eLearning.

Learning Rush Alert: Top 16 Learning Articles of 2016

To begin the year inspired, here are our top 16 learning articles from 2016, including gamification, mobile learning, talent management, and eLearning!

5 Great Blog Posts with Gamification Examples and Techniques

First, we found the inspiration . . . now let me show you some gamification examples with techniques you can use to make a winning […]

The War for Talent Is Over (If You Want It)

When it comes to talent, we are not waging a war for talent, but, rather, waging peace. What does it mean to be a talent […]

Recruiting Temporary Learning and Development Talent: DIY or Staffing Vendor—What Makes Sense?

How to approach the process of attracting, vetting, selecting, and hiring temporary learning and development talent: Do it yourself, or hire a staffing vendor?

Gamification: 5 blogs to Inspire Your Next Game-Based Learning Solution

Who says games are just for kids? Get inspired by these five blog posts and make your next adult game-based learning solution engaging, creative, and […]