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How Can Robots Be Used in a Classroom?

Did your students watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Was anyone indifferent towards BB-8? We all love that droid. Children, in particular, are crazy about […]

8 Helpful Videos About Chromebooks From Your Friends At Google!

In these 8 fantastic videos from Google, you will learn a little something about your new Chromebooks. The post 8 Helpful Videos About Chromebooks From […]

Utilizing Technology for Microlearning by @Sarah_Daren

Microlearning is all the rage these days when it comes to employee training. Companies are moving from long training sessions (that take time out of […]

Understanding the Role of Your Local Association President | @NJEA

Welcome to a the Jersey Educator Podcast, a show created by NJEA members … for NJEA members.  Whether you are a teacher, an education support […]

It’s Never Too Late To Start Preparing Your Students For Their Senior Year

By the time students reach senior year classrooms, we educators tend to give them a little more freedom than we do their younger schoolmates.  Freshmen […]

Learning with Legos: How Popular Toys Can Forecast Your Child’s Career

As a child, I spent the majority of my time outside playing with friends. However, when the sun went down and the street lights came […]

The First 3.5 Things I Do Before Starting A New Website Project

Are you looking to create a new website for your blog or school, or business? Feel free to reach out today and lets put your […]

Learn About Body Parts using this great Google Slides Template

As my children have now graduated into those wonderful toddler years, they are beginning to start to become active using basic technology.  Each night, I […]

Doing Our Homework: How User Research Builds Great Classroom Tools

When was the last time you used something that made you think, “That was really inefficient”? Or “That didn’t work the way I thought it […]

How Can Coding Teach My Students … To Be Better Students?

As we look ahead and make our resolutions, we shouldn't forget to look back and see where we just were and build on those skills […]

The Importance of Good Parent Communication in 2017 by @Sarah_Daren

Here are some helpful tips when deciding how to effectively communicate with parents and community members. The post The Importance of Good Parent Communication in […]

Create Podcasts With Your Students On Chromebooks With These Two Free Applications

Check out these two free audio recording applications with your students to create podcast recordings and other educational assignments this year. The post Create Podcasts […]