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STEM Club Toy Subscription

Amazon has come up with a great new concept, a STEM monthly toy subscription. It's $19.99 a month and it is divided into age ranges: […]

Students Get Feedback on Their Work From Others Online

In a traditional school, a student is asked to complete an assignment. The teacher grades it, gives feedback, and then returns it to the student. […]

Signs of Depression with Social Media

I'm not by any means a Psychologist, Social Worker, or Counselor. I'm simply a classroom teacher that observes student behavior and tries to grow as […]

Make a game and review for a test all at one time

Third grade teacher, Carol Karna shared on Twitter how she used a free edtech tool to help students take a quiz and make it more […]

A Free Bachelor's Degree for Mountain View Residents with eLearning Solution

Public education is free to all students until grade 12. Why can't higher education be free too? For some students, pursuing a bachelor degree who […]

Princess Cruise Line to Offer Wearable Technology

Are you a technology lover? Do you enjoy the ability to use to technology to make life easier? Wearable technology has already seen a presence […]

Drones Used For Artistic Purposes

If you're into technology, you've at least heard of the concept of drones and probably one one or two yourself. Drones are typically used for […]

Design a Poweregg Drone

I always look at contests as an opportunity for students to express their creativity and receive recognition for their efforts. PowerVision has design a new […]

McPlay and 3D Coloring Books: What it Means for EDU

McDonalds Toys and coloring books have changed in response to a growing need for children to use technology not only to learn, but also to […]

Pokemon Go: The New Social Revolution

Pokemon Go is the newest edition of the Pokemon phenomena. Instead of being played on a Nintendo DS, it’s a Android or iPhone app. Apple […]

Ireland's First Elementary STEAM Room

Guest Blog Post written by Kevin Foley, Elementary School Principal, @FoleyKev I first came across the STEM concept while visiting my daughter on the Gold […]

Managing Teacher Stress with Coloring

A teacher's day is full of a lot of stress. We're responsible for the well-being of 30 or more students. We have to inspire, guide, […]