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Our TeachTech blog is used for faculty development for the Arizona State University School of Life Sciences. We focus topics on practical tools and techniques for our courses, emphasizing active learning and online activities. We often include guest bloggers that bring in topics on Evidence Based Teaching for STEM related courses.

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Getting Students to Critically Evaluate Fake News

Today's blog comes from Rene Tanner, subject matter librarian at ASU. Evaluating information in the digital age is a critical skill. In the classroom, as […]

Realistic Ubiquity: The Why and How of Instructor Presence - Webinar Summary

The speakers for the TeachT@lk Webinar on February 21, 2017 were Matthew Robinson, Senior Instructional Designer, and Jennifer Stanley, Instructional Designer, for the ASU School […]

What’s the Point of Using Student Names in Large Courses?

Today's guest blog is by Anna Krieg, an undergraduate researcher in Sara Brownell’s Biology Education Research Lab. She is a senior Barrett honors student who […]

Is this going to be on the test?

Exploring how the decisions instructors make when crafting exams impact students Last week, our Evidence-Based Teaching Seminar series welcomed Christian Wright, PhD. Christian shared his […]

Using “Practice-Based” Training to Prepare Graduate TAs- Seminar Presentation

This week we were honored to have Chris Pagliarulo, PhD from UC Davis speak at our Evidence-Based Teaching Seminar Series. He shared his insights on […]

Start With A Great Question- TeachT@lk Webinar Summary

In Tuesday's TeachT@lk Webinar, we talked about creating questions that challenged and engaged students in discussions.We talked about starting with knowing your objectives, and then […]

Making Connections with Shindig

Last week I was invited to attend the OLC Accelerate Conference in Orlando, and talk about how we are using Shindig at ASU. Our presentation […]

TeachT@lk Webinar: Engaging Discussions

The average faculty member spends 75% of class time talking to students.  Maybe it's time to turn the tables, and let the students do the […]

How Instructors Can Make Their Active Learning Classrooms More Inclusive to Members of the LGBTQIA Community

Today's Blog is presented by Katelyn Cooper. Katey is a PhD student in Sara Brownell's Biology Education Research lab studying ways to promote equity in […]

New Resources from the ASU Libraries

Here are some ASU Library resources that you might not be aware of, from our subject matter librarian, Rene Tanner. Post how you would use […]

Working with Online Assessments: Webinar Summary

On Tuesday, Peter van Leusen, Gemma Garcia and I hosted the first TeachT@lk webinar for the new Fall 2016 term. Our topic was focused on […]

"Asking Great Questions" Workshop

By Yawar Baig A key skill for any instructor in student-centered learning, is the ability to ask good questions that lead a student to critical […]